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100th Anniversary of Scriabin's Death Complete Piano Sonata Concert

100th Anniversary of Scriabin's Death Complete Piano Sonata Concert


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Venue: Koganei Miyaji Music Hall 3F Large Hall (Koganei Civic Exchange Center)

Koganei Miyajigakki Hall

[All seats are unreserved] General 4000 yen Student 2000 yen

*There is no parking lot. Please use the public transportation

Organizer: Japan-Russian Musicians Association

Sponsor: Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Supported by: Embassy of the Russian Federation in Japan, Eurasia Society of Japan, International Music Exchange Association, Japan Federation of Piano Education, All Japan Piano Teachers Association

Management/Contact: Pro Arte Musice 03-3943-6677


Scriabin: Piano Sonata
No. 1 in F minor, op.6 (Mami Nishio)
No. 2 in G minor, op.19 "Fantasy Sonata" (Izumi Shimura)
No. 3 in F sharp minor, op.23 (Genichiro Murakami)
No. 4 in F major, op.30 (Izumino Funabashi)
No.5 op.53 (Masaya Tanaka)
No.6 op.62 (Yumiko Ota)
No. 7 op.64 "White Mass" (Kazuhiko Yazawa)
No. 8 op.66 (Takanori Nakano)
No. 9 op.68 "Black Mass" (Atsuko Okada)
No. 10 op.70 (Matsuyama Hajime)


● Mami Nishio
Born in Osaka Prefecture. Graduated from Toho Gakuen University in 2009 and studied at the Tchaikovsky Memorial Moscow Conservatory as a scholarship student, studying under Mr. A. Pisarev. In 2012, he graduated from the regular course as an excellent student, and in 2015, he graduated from the same university. 1st prize at the 16th Maria Judy International Competition. First prize at the 15th Scriabin International Competition. As a soloist, he has performed with orchestras and given recitals in Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, etc., and received favorable reviews. Currently based in Germany and Japan, studying under Mr. D. Joffe.

● Izumi Shimura
Graduated from the high school attached to Tokyo University of the Arts, the same music department, and the same graduate school. Studied under Midori Matsubara, Jun Date, and M. Muntz. Winner of the Kreutzer Prize. After graduating, he got off to a unique start as a pianist, participating in the activities of the opera small theater "Konnyakuza". He has held numerous recitals with a wide range of works from baroque to contemporary. In 1988, he received the Kenzo Nakajima Award for his outstanding contemporary music performance as a pianist. Since 2006, he has continued to hold concerts in his hometown, the Musashino Series. In 2008, he performed Toshi Ichiyanagi's works at the Carnegie Zankel Hall in New York, and greatly impressed the audience.

● Genichiro Murakami
Won first prize at the 40th Music Competition of Japan and debuted under the direction of the Chopin Society. After graduating from Toho Gakuen University, studied at the Bucharest Conservatory in Romania. In 1978, he won the final diploma at the Tchaikovsky International Competition. He continues to give recitals and symposiums in Japan and throughout Europe. Formed the GEN Chamber Orchestra. On the 40th anniversary of his debut, he performed Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 4 and Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 at Suntory Hall. Currently a professor at Toho Gakuen University. Member of the Japan-Russia Association of Musicians.

● Izumino Funabashi
Graduated from Toho Gakuen University Soloist Diploma Course. Studied under Akiko Teranishi and Akemi Mise. In 1990, completed the master class of Mr. H. Reigraf in Mainz, Germany. He has won awards at the All Japan Student Music Competition (1998), the Takahiro Sonoda Prize Piano Competition (1992), and the Tama Fresh Music Competition (1995). Held recitals in 1998 (sponsored by Kawai Aoyama), 2002 (Toppan Hall), and 2006 (Japan Chopin Association regular meeting, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Elementary School H.). Regular member of Japan-Russian Musicians Association and Japan Chopin Society. Lecturer at Toho Gakuen University (solfege).

● Masaya Tanaka
Attended a master class in Soviet-era Moscow at the age of 8, and went to Moscow alone at the age of 15. Graduated from the Moscow Conservatory with a gold medal. Graduated from the same graduate school with a scholarship from the ROHM Music Foundation. Scriabin (France), Cantu (Italy), 1st prize in international piano competitions, and many others. He has performed with the National St. Petersburg Capello, the Kyushu Symphony Orchestra, etc., and has been well received in various places such as the "Masaya Tanaka Prokofiev Piano Works Series" and lectures on Russian piano works. He also actively recorded CDs, and received high acclaim for works such as "The Pictures at the Exhibition" from "Record Geijutsu" and other publications. Lecturer at Osaka University of Arts Performance Department.

● Yumiko Ohta
After studying at the Toho Gakuen School of Music and Music Department at the same high school, graduated from the Toho Gakuen University Piano Department and studied abroad in London. In addition to recitals at Tsuda Hall and Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, he has performed at music festivals in Bath, England, recitals in London, and with the Symphony Orchestra in Tokyo and the Pacific Symphony Orchestra in Vladivostok. In addition to being a soloist, he is widely active as an ensemble pianist, choral pianist, and ensemble instructor. Studied under Yoshiki Moriyasu, Motonari Iguchi, Takahiro Sonoda, and Yoshiro Irino. Member of Japan-Russian Musicians Association, Councilor of Japan Szymanowski Association, Director of NPOJML Music Research Institute.

● Kazuhiko Yazawa
Graduated from the High School Attached to Tokyo University of the Arts, the same university, and the Royal Brussels Conservatory of Music in Belgium. Studied under Professor Evgeny Mogilevsky for eight and a half years. Winner of international piano competitions in Marsala, Andorra and Orléans. Recital at Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall, Japan Chopin Association regular meeting, Tokyo University of the Arts fresh concert appearance, collaboration with orchestra, etc. Since returning to Japan in 2005, he has performed about 120 concerts. Member of Japan-Russian Musicians Association, Japan Chopin Society, Sagamihara Musician Federation, and part-time lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts High School from 2009 to 2014.

● Takanori Nakano
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts High School and Graduate School of the same university. Studied under Teruharu Karashima, Haruko Kasama, and Takahiro Sonoda. Received the Ataka Prize while in school. After that, he went to Europe and studied at Berlin University of the Arts. In 1994, he graduated from the same university with the highest honors, and during that time he performed many solo and chamber music concerts in various places, mainly in Berlin. In 1994, he gave his debut recital in Tokyo and appeared on NHK FM's "Saturday Recital". In addition, he is widely active as an accompanist for orchestral performances, chamber music, and songs, and is highly trusted by his co-stars. Currently a professor at Tokyo Gakugei University.

● Atsuko Okada
Completed doctoral course at Tokyo University of the Arts. Doctor of Science. Studied under Jun Date and W. Tropp. He has a good reputation for playing Russian music, including Scriabin, and has been invited to perform and give lectures at the ``Scriabin 125th Anniversary Music Festival'' (Moscow) and the ``International Conference on the 150th anniversary of Chopin's death'' (Warsaw). France. He is also a lecturer in master courses in the United States, Korea, etc. Edited sheet music "Scriabin's Complete Piano Works" (Shunjusha), "New Collection of World Music: Russian Piano Songs" (Ongaku No Tomo Publishing), Author of "The Moment is in Eternity - Pianism at the End of the Century" (Sakuhinsha), etc. There is the current. Professor at Tokyo College of Music.

● Gen Matsuyama
Graduated from Cologne University of Music, Germany. Studied under Professor Alois Kontarski.
After working as an overseas trainee for artists dispatched by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2000, he served as a visiting researcher at the Humboldt University in Germany and a visiting professor at the Berlin University of the Arts. In addition to actively performing in a wide repertoire from classical to contemporary, he is highly regarded as one of Japan's leading contemporary musicians. Received the 28th Kenzo Nakajima Music Award (2010). Representative of Klangforum Berlin (a chamber orchestra of members of the Berliner Philharmoniker). Currently an associate professor at the Faculty of Regional Education and Culture, Yamagata University (music art course). Visiting associate professor at Tokyo College of Music.