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Klingen Kammer Musicer

Klingen Kammer Musicer


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Gabrielli: Canzona per sonare No.4
Giovanni Gabrieli: Canzona per Sonare No.4

Maurer: Morning Greetings and 12 Pieces
Ludwig Maurer: Morgengruss und 12 kleine Stcke

Horowitz: Music Hall Suite
Joseph Horovitz: “Music Hall” Suite

J. Strauss U: From the operetta "The Fledermaus"
Marquis, someone like you
When playing a country girl
J.Strau�U: “Die Fledermaus”
Mein Herr Marquis
Spiel'ich die Unschuld vom Lande
R. Strauss: Song "Hold me love"
"I drift"
R. Strauss: Ich trage meine Minne
Ich schwebe



Klingen Kammer Musicer
A classmate who studied at Tokyo University of the Arts, Kunitachi College of Music, and Toho Gakuen University studied in Vienna, Cologne, and Berlin at the same time and returned to Japan. In 2014, we invited up-and-coming young musicians to use German/Austrian instruments, and launched a chamber orchestra in pursuit of their sound.

Klingen Kammer Musicer HP

[Tp Masaki Fukushima]
While studying at Toho Gakuen University Music Department, he performed with the Saito Kinen Orchestra conducted by Seiji Ozawa and the Mito Chamber Orchestra. Studied the trumpet under Kenji Tamiya and Saki Chisei Furusaka.
After graduating, he moved to Germany to study under Professor Konradin Groth, former principal player of the Berliner Philharmoniker.
He also studied under Falk Maertens, principal flutist of the German Symphony Orchestra Berlin. While studying abroad, he gave a recital at Schloss Filzek, and was an extra at the Deutsches Symphoniker Berlin and the Berliner Philharmoniker. After returning to Japan, he has been active in various fields as a freelance player, including guest appearances in domestic and overseas orchestras, drama/commercial recording, actor acting guidance, and solo performances.
In terms of education, he is enthusiastically involved in educational activities, such as teaching at Yamano Music Co., Ltd., and is invited as a lecturer at seminars nationwide. Recently, taking advantage of his multi-talented talent, he has also appeared on variety shows in the entertainment world. Hosted by Klingen Kammer Musicer

[TP Toru Tsukiji]
Born in Hiroshima prefecture. Started playing the trumpet at the age of 12. Graduated from the Department of Instrumental Music, Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts. From October 1994, studied abroad at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna as an Austrian government scholarship student. Studied trumpet under J.Pomberger and Genzo Kitamura, and chamber music under Kozo Moriyama. While studying abroad, he played an active part in a wide range of activities, including as a member of the Junge Philharmonie Brass Wien led by K.Jeitler, as an extra at the Vienna State Opera, and at churches in Vienna and churches belonging to the Austrian military.
Returned to Japan in 1997. Appeared as an extra in major domestic orchestras such as the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, the New Philharmonic Orchestra Chiba, and the Okayama Philharmonic Orchestra. Currently, in addition to the rotary trumpet, he uses period instruments such as the natural trumpet, key trumpet, long trumpet, and posthorn, and is also active as a soloist in many concerts. Member of the Tokyo Historical Brass, representative of the Vienna Trumpet Study Group.

[Hr Shinichi Kotani]
Born in Hokkaido. After studying at Shobi Gakuen University, studied at the Tokyo Conservatoire Shobi Diploma Department. Currently, while working as a freelance player in orchestras, chamber music, studio work, etc., he is also focusing on teaching younger generations.
Served as a brass trainer for the Rissho University Orchestra and the Higashi Nippon International University Brass Band.
Horns by Haruyasu Shimakata, Hiroyuki Minami, and Shiro Ide. He studied chamber music under Shigeru Ota, Eiichi Inagawa, Ryohei Nakagawa, and Hiro Noguchi. Attended a master class by Michelle Bakee of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.

[Tb Tomoo Yamada]
Born in Saitama prefecture. Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music. Received the Yatabe Award. Graduated from Toho Gakuen University Graduate School. Appeared in the Kunitachi College of Music Graduation Concert, Yamaha Newcomer Concert, and Yomiuri Newcomer Concert. He has studied trombone under Yoshitaka Hanasaka, Masakatsu Kurita, Kikuo Sato, and Satoshi Kamiya. Attended master classes by B. Sloker (Professor of Freiburg College of Music), G. Millieri (Professor of Paris Conservatoire), D. Bright (Philharmonia Orchestra) and W. Arndt (Professor of Munich College of Music). He went to Germany and studied under Mr. Johann Feutfer, principal trombonist of the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra. Currently active as a freelance trombone player in orchestral, studio, chamber music, and teaching younger generations. He has also been involved in brass band music for many years, and has demonstrated his ability to improve the level and create music according to the actual situation of the group, from general groups and universities, club activities with five members to classes participating in the All Japan National Tournament. He is also enrolled in the BODY CHANCE music specialist Alexander Technique Professional Course, and is developing musical instrument playing guidance based on "physical science" that is gentle on the body and mind. Prefectural Matsubushi High School music department trombone instructor.

[Fumi Tsuchiwaki, Tub]
Born in Hiroshima prefecture. Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music. At the same time completed the orchestra course. After graduating, she performed at the Hiroshima Prefecture Rookie Concert. Completed the advanced course soloist course at the same university. In 2009, he participated in Saito Kinen's "chamber music study group for young people" and performed in Okushiga and Matsumoto. In the same year, he appeared in the "Opera for Youth". Studied under Taiichiro Kobayashi and Eiichi Inagawa.

[Sop Rena Fujii]
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. Studied at the Erfurt and Leipzig Opera while studying at the same graduate school. Graduated from the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Department of Lied Oratorio. During his stay in Europe, he performed in operas such as "Hansel and Gretel", The Fairy of Sand and Dew, "The Magic Flute", The Queen of the Night, and "The Barber of Seville", Rosina. He has performed with the Chamber Orchestra Capella Istropolitana and the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra. He has won numerous national and international competitions, including the Antonn Dvok International Vocal Competition. Last year, she won the 2nd prize at the Music Competition of Japan, the Iwatani Prize, and the Shizuoka International Opera Competition. Appeared at this year's Seiji Ozawa Matsumoto Festival as a shepherd's daughter / owl in "Children and Magic". Studied under Machiko Sakurai, Susumu Naono, Akihiko Mori, Eva Blahov, Regina Werner-Dietrich, Walter Moore, Susan Manoff, and Isabel Garcisanz. Nikikai member. Part-time lecturer at Kunitachi College of Music.