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Ten of the Best [Hyogo Performance]

Ten of the Best [Hyogo Performance]


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Ten of the Best in Hyogo

Venue: Mitsunaka Hall, Kawanishi City
Mitsunaka Hall

[Tickets now on sale]

[All seats reserved] General 4,500 yen Elementary, junior high and high school students, people with disabilities 3,000 yen

Sponsored by: Kawanishi City Culture and Sports Promotion Foundation

Support: Kansai Trumpet Association

・Mitsunaka Hall 072-740-1117
[Other ticket handling]
Kawanishi City Cultural Center 072-758-9811
Lawson ticket 0570-084-005
Hasegawa musical instrument 072-758-1130
Mitsuwa Travel 072-758-3232



christmas fanfare
at the end of the wilderness
Aria on the G string
Sing the messenger
The Little Drummer Boy
silent night
Jingle bell
carnival in venice
007 Your Eyes Only
Toccata in D Minor
*Please note that the songs and the order of the songs are subject to change.


Otto Sauter (Germany)
Bryan Davis (USA)
Frank Greene (USA)
Franz Wagnermeyer (Austria)
Bengt Danielsson (Sweden)
Annel Soomary (UK)
Naoki Inoue (Japan)
Armand Cedillo (Mexico)
Alfred Gall (Austria)
Sebastin Gil (Spain)

Drums: Robert Walla (Germany)
Bass: Bodo Julius Klingelhfer (Germany)
Piano: Joe Dorff (USA)
*Please note that performers are subject to change.