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Wien-Berlin Brass Quintet [Iwate performance]

Wien-Berlin Brass Quintet [Iwate performance]


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Brass Quintet Wien-Berlin in Iwate

the world's greatest orchestra,
by top players from the Vienna and Berlin Philharmonic
A dream brass quintet that transcends the framework of an orchestra

Venue : Amber Hall Large Hall
Amber Hall

Ticket :
[All seats reserved] General 3500 yen High school students and younger 2000 yen

Contact us :
Kuji City Cultural Center (Amber Hall) 0194-52-2700

Organizer : Kuji City Cultural Center

Sponsors: Iwate Nippo, Daily Tohoku Shimbun, IBC Iwate Broadcasting, Television Iwate, Menkoi Television, FM Iwate


Malcolm Arnold / Brass Quintet No.1
Johann Bachelbel/Canon
Kurt Schwerczyk / brass part of the latest sense
Josef Horowitz / Music Hall Suite
Lenny Niehaus / Sinfonietta for brass quintet
Verdi / "Ave Maria" from the opera "Otello"
Tchaikovsky / Suite from "The Nutcracker"
Christian Mühlbach—/If the Emperor would listen more
Chrysler / Love's Sorrow, Love's Joy
christmas medley



Wien-Berlin Brass Quintet
G.Tarkevi (Berlin Philharmonic Principal)
G. Gel (Berlin Philharmonic player)
T. Jepstl (Vienna Philharmonic player)
● Trombone
D. Kublbeck (Principal of the Vienna Philharmonic)
● Tuba
Av Putcomer (Berlin Philharmonic player)