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The 16th NEC Charity Concert - For the future of children and the reconstruction of disaster areas -

The 16th NEC Charity Concert - For the future of children and the reconstruction of disaster areas -


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NEC Charity Concert vol.16

Sunday, January 29, 2017
(Doors open 12:50 Start 13:30 End around 15:30)

Venue: Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall
Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall

Organizer: NEC

■ How to apply (winner invitation system)

We will invite 600 groups and 1200 people to this concert.

If you would like to watch, please apply from the application site below.

In the case of a large number of applicants, a lottery will be held, and the winners will receive an invitation by mid-December.

I will ship it. (Up to 2 people can enter for 1 winning)

Please refrain from entering preschool children.

Application site (Recruitment starts from November 1st)

Application period November 1st (Tuesday) to 30th (Wednesday), 2016

If you are under 16 years old, please apply after obtaining the consent of your guardian.

Personal information entrusted to us by NEC will be properly managed by NEC.

Regarding the data of this time,

I will not use it for anything other than business . We also do not provide third parties.

Approximately three months after the end of the event, this data will be sent to prevent information leakage.


Please apply from here

NEC will hold the "16th NEC Charity Concert" on Sunday, January 29, 2017 at Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall. The "NEC Charity Concert" will be performed by the NEC Tamagawa Symphonic Band, made up of employees of NEC and its affiliates. The purpose of this concert is to support activities that address social issues, and this time, donations will be made at the venue to support the activities of the public interest incorporated association "Chance for Children." "Chance for Children" is engaged in activities to eliminate educational disparities for children with economic difficulties due to the damage caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake . The main activity is to provide a place for out-of-school education according to the wishes of each child by collaborating with cram schools and classrooms outside the school and issuing "out-of-school education vouchers (coupons)". , is an activity to eliminate disparities in education . In the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, NEC named the NEC Group's Tohoku reconstruction support activities the "NEC 'TOMONI' Project." This concert was also held as part of the "NEC "TOMONI" Project", and in addition to the performance of the NEC Tamagawa Band, which is composed of NEC Group employees, it is a handmade concert in which NEC employee volunteers take the lead in the operation . .

NEC Tamagawa Band Homepage


Prelude to the Revived Earth (composed by Sohei Kano)
Tokyo Olympic March (composed by Yuji Koseki)
"Godzilla" Theme & Te March (Composed by Akira Ifukube / Arranged by Kaoru Wada)
Concert selection by "Dragon Quest"
(composed by Koichi Sugiyama/arranged by Toshio Mashima)
Others, Classical Pops, etc.

*Please note that the program may change due to circumstances.


NEC Tamagawa Brass Band
Conductor: Yukio Inagaki (Music Director/Permanent Conductor)

NEC Tamagawa Brass Band
A brass band made up of NEC Group employees who work at the NEC Tamagawa Plant (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture) and nearby plants. there is

Established in 1957 (Showa 32) at the Tamagawa Plant of NEC, the company held its first in-house concert the following year. In the 1970s, in addition to performing at in-house events, the brass band of the NEC Fuchu Plant and the NEC Sagamihara Plant jointly formed the “NEC Brass Band”, and the musical “NEC Concert” by Nikikai and brass band. Appearing in Evening. Until 1986, the "NEC Concert Evening" was held in 44 locations nationwide, and musicals such as The Sound of Music and My Fair Lady were well received in each region.

In 1960, he participated in the All Japan Brass Band Competition for the first time, and in 1971, he participated in the national competition for the first time as a representative of the Kanto region. Since then, he has participated in the national competition 29 times to date, and has won the gold medal four times (1981, 1995, 2000, 2003). Since participating in the All Japan Ensemble Contest in 1977, he has participated in the national competition 16 times to date and won the gold prize six times (five years from 1982 and 1997).

In 1991, he received the "Kawasaki City Culture Award" from Kawasaki City for his performance activities centered on Kawasaki. In 1998, he was in charge of ceremonial music for the "Kanagawa Yume National Athletic Meet" bowling and handball tournaments.

In 1997, we commissioned the world-famous Belgian composer Jan Van der Roost to compose the orchestra's 40th anniversary work "Dynamica", and conducted it at Kanagawa Kenmin Hall in June. made its world premiere. In June 1998, at Yokohama Minatomirai Hall, the first brass band concert was held (the 17th regular concert). At the 19th regular concert, Ikuma Dan, who passed away in May 2001, performed his representative work, the orchestral suite "Silk Road," arranged for brass band for the first time in the presence of Mr. Ikuma Dan. In 2002, he held a charity concert at Dai-ichi Seimei Hall (inside Harumi Triton Square), which was the first brass band concert in the hall, and has held charity concerts every year since then.

Currently, they perform many performances mainly in Kawasaki City, such as regular concerts held once a year, brass band festivals, and contact concerts in Kawasaki City.