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Paris Orchestra Brass Quintet [Miyazaki Performance]

Paris Orchestra Brass Quintet [Miyazaki Performance]


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Quintette de Cuivres de l'Orchestre de Paris in Miyazaki

Venue: Medikit Prefectural Cultural Center Isaac


[All seats reserved] S ¥5,000 A ¥3,000 U25 ¥1,500 Parent-child discount 5,500

*Same-day tickets are 500 yen more

[Sponsor/Ticket Inquiries] Miyazaki Prefectural Arts Theater _x000B_ Ticket Dial TEL.0985(28)7766


Gervaise: Renaissance French Dances
Ewald: Brass Quintet No.1
Bizet: Carmen Suite
A collection of French chanson songs
Bouleville: The Gendarmerie's Ruse
Edith Piaf: Crowd
Yves Montand: Autumn Leaves
Charles Aznavour: La Boheme
Barbara: Black Eagle
Charles Trenet: Joyful, Gentle France
Joe Dassin: O Champs-Élysées

*Songs are subject to change without notice. Please note.