Mozart for you!? Philharmonia Tama 15th Regular Concert? (Conductor: Noh Imamura)

Mozart for you!? Philharmonia Tama 15th Regular Concert? (Conductor: Noh Imamura)


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Mozart for you!

Filharmonia Tama

the 15th Subscription Conert


Tamashin RISURU Hall Small Hall

19:00 start (18:30 open)


All seats unreserved 4,000 yen


Noh Imamura (Music Director/Conductor)

Maria Javroumi (piano)

Dariusz Mikluski (horn)

Philharmonia Tama (Orchestra)

[Organizer / Contact]

Philharmonia Tama

080-3556-4492 (Secretariat: Hori)


Tachikawa City Regional Cultural Promotion Foundation


Embassy of the Republic of Greece in Japan, Polish Information and Cultural Center, Kunitachi College of Music Tokyo Dochokai

* [Request] Due to unavoidable circumstances, the performers, performance songs, song order, etc. may be changed. Unfortunately we do not allow preschoolers to enter.


Piano Quintet in E flat major KV.452
Horn Quintet in E flat major KV.407
Serenade No. 10 in B flat major "Granpartita" KV.361

Quintett in Es fur Klavier, Oboe, Klarinette, Horn und Fagott KV.452
Horn Quintett in Es-Dur KV.407
Serenade Nr.10 in B-Dur "Gran Partita" KV.361


<Music Director/Conductor> Profile of Noh Imamura
Chikara Imamura Biography

●Philharmonia Tama (Pro Orchestra for everyone in the Tama area)
Formed in 2004. The Kunitachi College of Music Opera Study Group Orchestra, which performed "La Bohème" etc., is the parent organization. The members are experts who love music passionately. Under the direction of music director Noh Imamura, regular concerts are held mainly at Tachikawa City Civic Center, Inagi City i Plaza, Parthenon Tama, and Komae Ecorma Hall, aiming to provide high-quality music rooted in the local community in the Tama area.
He has performed with Jörg Demus, Hiroko Nakamura, Chiho Oiwa, Yoshie Tanaka, Rie Akiyama, Yumi Satake, Natsuko Sugaya, Masato Makino, Hiroshi Kuroda, Hideyuki Tsuji, Tsutomu Wakabayashi, and other outstanding musicians from the Fujiwara Opera and Nikikai.
"Mozart: Once Upon a Time (with Yuko Hisamoto: 2015)", "Italian Opera Gala Concert" (2004, 2005), Opera "Nabucco" (2012), Sloker Trombone Quartet Concert (2013), La Folle Journée au Japon (2011), Tokyo Opera City Arts Shower 2011, Tama Music Festival Eve Festival (2011), Tama Festival Concert, 9th Vittelberg International Conductor Competition Award Commemorative Concert (2013), "Fascinating Polish Music for You!" ”, and “Mozart for you!”