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Sylvie Yu (Clarinet) Online Open Lessons

Sylvie Yu (Clarinet) Online Open Lessons


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*Applications for this lesson have closed.

*If you wish to attend, you will need to register for the "Zoom Webinar" in addition to purchasing an audition ticket. See below for details.

[Date and time]

Wednesday, June 24, 2020 17:00-19:00

* Due to the large number of applications, we will have 3 lessons.

17:00-17:05 Greetings, notes, etc. (from the organizer)

17:05-17:35 First lesson

(Learned piece: Debussy "First Rhapsody")

17:35-18:05 Second lesson

(Learned music: Messiaen from "Quartet for the End of Time"

3rd Movement <Abyss of Birds>)

18:05-18:35 Third lesson

(Learned piece: Vidor "Introduction and Rondo")

18:35-19:00 Q&A corner, lecturer performance

*Times are approximate. There is a possibility that it will be around to some extent.


Sylvie Yu (clarinet)

Jun Ishii (Interpreter)


Nonaka Trading Co., Ltd.

[Regarding student recruitment]

Please fill out the necessary information in the application email (← Click here or touch) and send it. [ Deadline 6/19 ( Fri ) 23:59]

→ The application deadline for students has passed. Thank you for all your applications.

In the case of a large number of applications, there will be document screening.

The selection results will be sent to all applicants by June 22 ( Mon ) .

◎ About distribution environment

In order to play with high sound quality, we recommend the following environment.

・Playing in as large a room as possible

・Use of PCs and tablets

In addition, as soon as the students are decided, we will check the sound in advance.

This lesson will be recorded and will be available for sale at a later date.

We will send a "Consent Form" to those who take the course at a later date, so please apply if you agree to appear in the video.

[How to purchase for auditing students]

[ Flow of application ]

�@ Order, payment From this page

�A Zoom webinar registration From the link below

�BAfter registration, an email containing an address that can be used to connect to the Zoom webinar on the day will be automatically sent from Please be sure to set up so that you can receive emails from

*If you do not make a payment by the payment deadline, your registration for the Zoom webinar may be deleted. Please note.

First-time users of Zoom  

Install the free application.

Click here to install the application.


Participants (3 people) 5,000 yen

Auditor (about 50 people) 1,500 yen

*Payment deadline

Bank transfer・・・until 12:00 on 6/23 (Tue)

Credits: Until 23:59 on 6/23 (Tue.)

* When ordering, please select online lessons, concerts, etc. (shipping fee 0 yen). (Paper or electronic tickets will not be mailed. URLs will be issued.)

★Once you have registered for the Zoom webinar, you will receive an automated email from with a link to join on the day.

Please contact us at if you do not receive an email within 2 business days after payment .


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