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Mari Kumamoto x Hajime Mizoguchi x Yoshikazu Mera Traveling around the world with music? On the wings of a piano?

Mari Kumamoto x Hajime Mizoguchi x Yoshikazu Mera Traveling around the world with music? On the wings of a piano?


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Mari Kumamoto x Hajime Mizoguchi x Yoshikazu Mera

Traveling around the world with music ~ On the wings of the piano ~

*This performance is a postponement of the performance that was scheduled to be held on Saturday, July 4, 2020.

Performer: Mari Kumamoto (piano)

Hajime Mizoguchi (cello)

Yoshikazu Mera (countertenor)

Venue: Itabashi Cultural Center Large Hall

Ticket: All seats reserved 4,000 yen (*Preschoolers are not allowed to enter)

For details on how to apply for tickets, please see here .

Ticket inquiries/inquiries:

Itabashi Bunka Kaikan Ticket Center

Tel. 03-3579-5666 (9:00-20:00)


Morricone: New Cinema Paradise
Piazzolla: Libertango
Hajime Mizoguchi: From the Train Window of the World
Joe Hisaishi: Princess Mononoke
Catalan Folk Songs: Song of Birds, etc.
*Songs are subject to change.


Mari Kumamoto Profile

Hajime Mizoguchi (cello)
Started playing the piano at the age of 3 and the cello at the age of 11. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Music, Department of Instrumental Music, majoring in cello.
He has been a support member for Junko Yagami, Tomoka Ueda and Karyobin since he was a student, and has been involved in recording as a studio musician for about 6 years after graduating from university.
At the age of 24, he suffered from whiplash due to a car accident, and began composing "music for sleep" to escape from the pain. Based on his experience as a studio musician, he wrote "Sleep Music" as his own solo song, and debuted from CBS SONY in 1986 with "Halfinch Dessert". Since then, he has been performing and composing in a wide range of genres such as classical, pops, and rock.
Many of his works are used as music for movies and TV programs. The theme song for the 29-year-old program "From the World's Car Window" is too famous. He also appeared in commercials for Japan Tobacco Peace Light and Galaxy Corporate Image, and his appearance and music left an impression on many people. There are many opportunities to appear on TV programs, especially in travel programs.
Hajime Mizoguchi Official Homepage

Yoshikazu Mera (countertenor)
2019 marks the 25th anniversary of her debut, and Yoshikazu Mera took the world by storm with the theme song for "Princess Mononoke." He has also appeared on TV, radio, and in many commercials, and his friendly personality and unique speaking style are gaining popularity across generations. Graduated from Senzoku Gakuen College of Music in 1994. In 1995, won the 3rd prize at the 6th Sogakudo Japanese Song Competition. From 1996, he studied at the Amsterdam Conservatory as a Dutch government scholarship student. He is engaged in a wide range of activities, including concerts in Japan and overseas, lectures, and writing activities. Many CDs have been released around the world by King Records, Swedish BIS, and Korean labels. In 2014, he released <Tegami> with Akira Miyagawa, and in 2017, a two-disc compilation album <Mugonka> commemorating the 20th anniversary of his CD debut was released by King Records. Recently <Teddy Loid/SILENT PLANET 2 EP vol.6 feat. Yoshikazu Mera> has been distributed online. Published "Angel's Voice - Reborn While Living" (Yamato Shobo) and "Mother" with Michiko Ishimure. Appeared in NHK Broadcasting 90th Anniversary Taiga Fantasy Drama "Seirei no Mamoribito". Received the theme song award as the 12th Japan Gold Disc Award and the 21st Japan Academy Prize Association Special Award. From 2018, he served as a personality for "Mera Mera Radio" for a year.
Yoshikazu Mera Official Homepage
Mera Yoshikazu's Mera Mera Blog