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[3/5 Zoom Basic Training Participation] R. Friedrich & J. Bellwaltz Online Lesson

[3/5 Zoom Basic Training Participation] R. Friedrich & J. Bellwaltz Online Lesson


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This is the application page for the basic practice Zoom participants (about 5 people) starting on March 5, 2009 ( 16:30-18:00, Mr. Jeroen Berwaltz ).

* Limited to those who can prepare their own instruments and those who have experience playing trumpet.

*We will close as soon as we reach the capacity.

*This lesson will be recorded and will be sold at a later date. We will also use promotional videos and photos on our SNS.

If you would like to participate, we will send you a "Consent Form", so please submit it.

*You can also watch the live broadcast of the master class from 18:00 on Zoom.

*We will also give you a coupon code that you can watch the missed delivery at a later date from the regular viewing page.

* If you have already purchased a viewing ticket (2,000 yen) and would like to participate, please contact

* Regular viewing tickets (2,000 yen) can be purchased from the link below.

1st day (3/5) viewing ticket

2nd day (3/6) viewing ticket

3rd day (3/7) viewing ticket


"Reinhold Friedrich & Jeroen Berwalz (Trumpet) Online Open Lesson"
Basic practice course
Date: Friday, March 5, 2021


Friday, March 5, 2021
16:30〜18:00 Basic practice and warm-up by Mr. Jeroen Berwalz
18:00〜19:00 Masterclass by Mr. Reinhold Friedrich (Haydn Concerto)
19:00〜19:15 15 minute break
19:15〜20:15 Lecture by Mr. Reinhold Friedrich (Theme: Haydn Concerto)