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Chorus Story My Blue Bird 2021 (Piano/Mitsutaka Shiraishi)

Chorus Story My Blue Bird 2021 (Piano/Mitsutaka Shiraishi)


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Chorus Story My Blue Bird 2021

Blue bird last stage. Goodbye, thank you, see you someday—

"The Blue Bird" is a story about Tyltyl and Michiru going on a journey to find the Blue Bird of Happiness. The land of memories, the land of happiness, the land of the future... It is Maeterlinck's timeless masterpiece that asks what true happiness is for humans through fantasy that touches the hearts of both adults and children. The choral story "My Blue Bird" will be sung by the citizens who have held workshops since May, with original lyrics and music.
"My Blue Bird", which has been participated by more than 1,300 people so far, will finally reach its final stage this year, which is the 17th time since the start. With the thoughts of "Goodbye", "Thank you" and "See you someday", the story of Chiru Chiru and Michiru will begin with singing voices. A colorful and warm harmony that I want to resonate in this era.
Why don't you go on a journey with us in search of the "Blue Bird of Happiness"?

[Date and time]

July 4, 2021 (Sun) 15:00 start


Kitakyushu Arts Theater Middle Theater

【Admission fee】

Free seating

Adult 1,500 yen

Child 1,000 yen (3 years old to junior high school student)

Maternity discount 1,000 yen (certificate required)

*Children under the age of 2 cannot enter.


Citizens who received a workshop (chorus)

Eiichi Himoto (Conductor)

Haru Ito (soprano solo)

Mitsutaka Shiraishi (piano)

Jun Nagao (Composer)

Masao Noso (lyrics, narration)


(Public interest incorporated foundation) Kitakyushu City Arts and Culture Promotion Foundation



Kitakyushu City


[Planning and production ]

Kitakyushu Arts Theater



Kitakyushu Arts Theater

TEL 093-562-2655 (10:00-18:00)