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[Ibaraki Performance] Kana Madarame Trumpet Recital vol.21

[Ibaraki Performance] Kana Madarame Trumpet Recital vol.21


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Kana Madarame Trumpet Recital Vol.21

[Date and time]

Saturday, October 2, 2021 18:00 start (17:30 open)


The Hirosawa City Kaikan Small Hall

[Ticket price]

Free seating

Advance general 2,500 yen

Advance ticket student 1,500 yen

*Add 500 yen each on the day

Same-day tickets will be sold at the venue reception from 17:00.

[There is also a live distribution & archive ticket for the Tokyo performance!]

You can also enjoy the video

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Kana Madarame (Trumpet)

Fancy Brass Ensemble (Brass Quintet)

Akiko Matsuoka (piano)

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Ibaraki Prefecture, Mito City, Ibaraki Prefectural Board of Education, Mito City Board of Education, Ibaraki Cultural Promotion Foundation, Japan Brass Band Teachers Association (JBA), Japan Brass Band Teachers Association, Ibaraki Prefecture Band Federation, General Incorporated Association Ibaraki Players Federation, Tokyo University of the Arts Music Department Doseikai, Ibaraki Prefectural Mito Second High School Shuhokai, Ibaraki Broadcasting, FM Parurun, Ibaraki Shimbun, Okinawa Times, Ryukyu Shimpo


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Sestetto per Ottoni/Hidas Frigyes
Nosuke Kushida/Between the Sea and the Sky (World Premiere)
Nosuke Kushida / Paraphrase on Japanese Melody -for Brass Sextet- (World Premiere)
Oskar Bohme / Brass Sextet in e flat minor op.30(“Trompeten Sextett”)
A. Piazzola, Arranged by Oshirotsutsu/Years of Solitude
F. Poulenc, Hommage a Edith Piaf
Toshio Mashima, Arranged by Oshiro Tsuyoshi / Song of Churashima
*There is a possibility that the songs and the order of the songs will be changed. Thank you for your understanding.


[Kana Madarame]
Part-time lecturer at Tokyo Gakugei University, Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, and Shobi College of Music.
Principal cornetist of Tokyo Brass Society and Japan Ladies' Brass.
International Women's Brass Conference board member. Director of Japan Brass Band Teachers Association and Tokyo University of the Arts Doseikai Ibaraki Branch. He is a member of the Japan Brass Band Teachers Association, the Nerima Musicians Association, and the Ibaraki Musicians Federation.
Appeared in the 11th Yamaha Brass Newcomer Concert, Newcomer Award at the 21st Ibaraki Prefecture Newcomer Concert, Grand Prize at the 14th Newcomer Concert (sponsored by Nerima Cultural Center), International women's brass conference (IWBC) 2nd place in the 2003 competition (Illinois, USA). Every year, Kana Madarame's trumpet recital and a trumpet concert by Kana Madarame's pupils are held. She also has a master's thesis titled "Study on Social Advancement of Female Brass Instrument Players in Japan".
In 2006 and 2012, his recitals in the United States were well received. In addition to performing and teaching mainly in solo activities, he is also focusing on spreading the music culture of his hometown, Ibaraki Prefecture. He also actively holds trumpet concerts for volunteers. In recent years, there have been many cultural exchanges through music in Asian and European countries, and the field of activity has spread all over the world. In 2017, he launched Project KANA ~harmonise with infinity~ with the aim of creating a place where people from different cultures can clearly communicate and interact with the deep and complex culture and spirit of Japan. The European tour ended with great success.
Following his solo albums "VOCALISE" and "Fantasie", he released "Miyabi", an original commissioned work by a Japanese artist recorded in Warsaw (Poland), and released Kana Music Factory branded goods. We are expanding our activities. Member of the Ibaraki Prefecture Cultural Council, Ambassador Mito.

[Fancy Brass Ensemble]
Formed in 1992 by students of the Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, each member has been active as an orchestra player and other professionals for the past 30 years, developing performance activities rooted in the community. . He has appeared in numerous mini concerts at nursery schools and kindergartens, outreach activities at elementary and junior high schools, high school music festivals, concerts at nursing homes and hospitals, and community events. The stage, which incorporates not only musical performances but also performances, has been well received for exciting and captivating the hearts of many listeners and making them smile.
Hiroki Yamakawa (trumpet): Member of Tokyo Brass Arts Bandmaster, Tokyo New Philharmonic Orchestra and Ryukyu Symphony Orchestra.
Kei Takaesu (trumpet): Belongs to Tokyo Sky Arts and Tokyo Skyline Orchestra.
Yasushi Higa (horn): Belongs to the Zoorasian Brass Tokyo Wind Orchestra.
Michika Ire (trombone): Belongs to the Tokyo Brass Arts Axis Chamber Orchestra.
Ojo (Tuba): Belongs to the Tuba Ensemble √5-Tuba Group S's and TAD Wind Symphony.

[Akiko Matsuoka (piano)]
After majoring in piano at Kunitachi College of Music, completed the piano course at the university's graduate school. Received the Encouragement Award at the Japan Piano Education Association audition. Duo recital at Kawai Concert Salon. Received the Excellent Accompanist Award at the 1st K Brass Competition. Studied piano under Nobuko Ishizeki, Megumi Ariga, Akira Imai, and Mitsutaka Shiraishi. Studied chamber music under Tsugio Tokunaga and Hiroshi Nagao. Currently, he is active mainly in ensembles, such as accompaniment and chamber music for wind and string instruments.