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New Year's GALA connecting to tomorrow? Pro Arte Musique 36.1st anniversary?

New Year's GALA connecting to tomorrow? Pro Arte Musique 36.1st anniversary?


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Presented by Pro Arte Musice

Special concert for one night only!

A New Year's GALA connecting to tomorrow

~Pro Arte Musice 36.1st Anniversary~

Same-day ticket sales, invitations, and payment on the day will start at 17:15 at the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall .

[Date and time]

January 13, 2022 (Thursday) 18:00 start (17:15 open)


Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall

[Ticket price]

All seats reserved

B 5,000 yen

A 6,000 yen

S ¥7,000

SS 8,000 yen

Elementary, middle and high school 2,000 yen

For customers who purchase SS seats, Pro Arte Musique

"2022 Monotone Classical Calendar" as a gift!!

And! If you purchase Pro Arte Musice electronic ticket "Pro Arte Keto",

B, A, S, SS seats will be 30% off regardless of the number of companions only for the same ticket type!

[How to purchase a companion discount ticket]
Everyone, please purchase the first one at the list price (regular price) .
[Example: If you wish to have your companion in the S seat ]
For the first ticket, you can choose one ticket for the regular price of 7,000 yen , and for the second and subsequent tickets, you can purchase the required number of tickets for the S companion seat (price is 4,900 yen) .
If you select 2 tickets for the regular price, the companion price will not be applied .
We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you are purchasing for 2 or more people, please purchase in combination with the same ticket type in the accompanying seat in addition to the regular price.
If you have any questions regarding your purchase, please contact us at 03-3943-6677.

[Organizer / Contact]

Pro Arte Musice

[Ticket handling]

・Pro Arte Musice 03-3943-6677

Electronic ticket ・Proarteketo

* With the electronic ticket Proarteketo, you can select your seat on the screen. After purchase, you can enter with the QR code sent by email.

*If you wish to apply for tickets on this website, you will not be able to select seats .

・Tokyo Opera City Ticket Center 03-5353-9999 (Seats B to SS, excluding elementary, middle and high school students, only single tickets available / 10:00 to 18:00 except Mondays)

【Special page】


Moderator/Moderator Yusho Iida (Classical music facilitator)

E. Ysaye: Sonata for Solo Violin No.3 "Ballad" Op.27-3
Performance: Mayuko Ishigami (violin)

Concerto for 4 violins in B minor, Op.3-10 from A.Vivaldi "Inspiration of Harmony"
Performed by: Takashi Nagamine, Michi Sugiura, Satoshi Morioka (violin), Makito Nishitani (cello), Miwako Takeda (piano)

JS Bach (arr. U. Haverkamp) Brandenburg Concerto No.4 BWV1049 1st movement
Performed by: Minoru Yoshizawa, Toshiya Suzuki (recorder), Satoshi Morioka (violin), Makito Nishitani (cello), Kenji Watanabe (piano)

A. Copeland (arr. L. Bernstein) El Salon Mexico (version for two pianos)
Performed by Mari Kumamoto and Mitsutaka Shiraishi (both on piano)

WA Mozart (Arr. by F.Busoni) "Overture" from Opera "The Magic Flute" KV620 (for 2 pianos)
Performed by Yuko Hisamoto and Kenji Watanabe (both on piano)

Fantasy by N. Paganini Yo Saito "La Campanella"
Performed by Yo Saito (harp)

1st, 2nd, 4th movements from J. Stevens Dialogue
Performed by: Naoaki Kato (trombone), Miyabi Kina (tuba)

Lv Beethoven Piano Trio No.5 in D major, Op.70-1 3rd movement from "Ghosts"
Performed by: Takashi Nagamine (violin), Makito Nishitani (cello), Yuko Hisamoto (piano)

F.Schubert Allegretto D.915 / Impromptu Op.90-2
Performed by Emiko Imagawa (piano)

S. Rachmaninov Suite No.2 ``Tarantella'' Op17-4 / It's lovely here / Babin ed. Op.27-1
Performed by: Tsunehito Nakai, Miwako Takeda (piano duo)

E. Chabrier Rhapsody "Spain"
Performed by Yumiko Okawa and Yukari Arai (both on piano)

J. Turin Fandango
Performance: Trumpet Nobuyuki Takami / Trombone Naoaki Kato / Piano Mari Kumamoto

F. Bornu (arr. M. Fink / A. Efros) Carmen Fantasia
Performed by: Mayumi Hama (marimba), Yuko Morioka (flute)

H. Mancini / J. Mercer: Moon River
F. Sartori: Let's go on a journey with you
Performed by Kant Cube (tenor Hayato Oki, baritone Yosuke Takahashi, bass Haruma Goto, piano Shinnosuke Nagai)

P. Creston: Sonata Op.19 2nd and 3rd movements
Performance: Yasuto Tanaka (saxophone), Mitsutaka Shiraishi (piano)

A.Piazzolla Libertango / Tangata
Performed by: Koji Kyoya Quartate Tango (Bandoneon: Koji Kyoya, Violin: Atsushi Yoshida, Piano: Nahoko Awaji, Bass: Kazuhiro Tanabe)

*The program may change due to circumstances.


In December 2020, Pro Arte Musice celebrated its 35th anniversary.

Due to the effects of the new coronavirus, which is still prevalent worldwide, daily life has changed completely, and many people are still in a difficult situation. We believe that in times like these, the power of music and what music can do.

This is because, for hundreds of years, music has enriched people's hearts and lives, giving them hope, inspiration, and courage, regardless of the circumstances. That's why I would like all of our customers to regain the joy of listening to music, especially live music.

To commemorate the 35th anniversary of our company, we have planned a "premium GALA concert for one night only" where our proud Japanese artists will meet for the first time. We have a strong desire to deliver hopes and dreams for the future to everyone through music, regardless of the social situation. The long-awaited classic GALA concert will be performed by veterans who have supported the Japanese classical music world, as well as by young elites.
I sincerely hope that this concert will be an opportunity to bring back music to your daily life.