Light of Hope/Reviving People's Harmony/Tama Philharmonia Association/15th Regular Concert

Light of Hope/Reviving People's Harmony/Tama Philharmonia Association/15th Regular Concert


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Light of Hope/Reviving People's Harmony/Tama Philharmonia Association/15th Regular Concert

Ukrainian Folk Song: Pure Ukrainian Diva Katerina (Bandura Solo)
◆ Choral music from Polish opera masterpiece "Harka": Tama Philharmonia Chorus = Popular for singing in Polish
◆ A masterpiece of the young days of the genius opera composer Puccini revived by using Karl's version. "Bohème" and other his opera themes are jostling.
Gloria Mass: Puccini, a family of church music composers, roared as an opera composer!


Tamashin RISURU Hall


All seats reserved 3,000 yen for adults, 1,000 yen for students (university students and younger)

* 10% discount on Musa Tomo no Kai general tickets, available only at Tamashin RISURU Hall

[Ticket handling]

Tamashin RISURU Hall 1F Reception 042-526-1311

Confetti 0120-240-540


Pro Arteket

Tama Philharmonia Association Official Homepage


Noh Imamura (Music Director/Conductor)

Philharmonia Tama (Orchestra)


[Organizer / contact]

Tama Philharmonia Association

080-3556-4492 (Concert Secretariat: Hori)


Tachikawa City Regional Cultural Promotion Foundation


Tachikawa City, Tachikawa City Board of Education, Italian Cultural Center, Polish Information and Culture Center


"Special appearance" Ukrainian folk song / Katerina (Bandura solo)

Moniuszko: "After the Sunday Evening Bells" from the opera "Halka"

Puccini: Symphonic Prelude
Symphonic Capriccio
Gloria Mass

*Contents may change due to unavoidable circumstances.


○Music Director/Conductor: Noh Imamura
A rare talent found by Karajan, he is also active on the world's opera stages. Studied in Salzburg and Berlin. Guest Conductor of the Polish Poznan Opera and the Silesian Philharmonic. He has served as Permanent Conductor of the Polish National Opera and Music Director of the Wroclaw Opera "Samson and Delilah". He has conducted the best orchestras in Europe and the United States, such as the Warsaw Philharmonic, the Helsinki Philharmonic, and the Vienna Wind Ens., as well as major orchestras throughout Japan. Conductor of "Untitled Concert", "Yomikyo Orchestra House", and exclusive conductor of Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa. He studied under Seiji Ozawa, Kazuyoshi Akiyama, Tadaaki Otaka, Masamitsu Takashina, Franco Ferrara, and Milan Horvath. Appeared at Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Musikverein in Vienna, Smetana hall in Prague, Konzerthaus in Berlin. Winner of the Karajan Con Japan, finalist of the Cantelli Conductor Con, and first prize winner of the Vittelberg Conductor Competition.

○Bandura Solo: Caterina
Born in Pripyat, Ukraine (a town 2.5 km away from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant). When he was 30 days old, he was affected by the Chernobyl nuclear accident, and his family was forced out of town. At the age of 6, he joined the musical troupe "Chervona Karina" made up of children affected by the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, and has participated in many overseas performances. He has been invited to concerts in Japan many times, and was impressed by the wonders of Japan at that time, and moved his base of music activities to Tokyo at the age of 19. Currently, as one of only two bandura players in Japan, he is performing at various concerts in Japan and abroad. Recently, he has appeared on BS Tele Tokyo's "Why I Live in Japan". He has also appeared in many media such as live streaming of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games (Ouchi de Sekai ni! International Day Performance). [Katerina Youtube Channel]

〇 Tenor solo: Yuta Tanaka
Born in Kodaira City, Tokyo. After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Vocal Music, studied in Italy. In religious music, Beethoven's "Symphony No. 9" and Mozart's "Coronation Mass"
Requiem", Schubert's "Mass No. 6", etc., both of which have received high acclaim. Currently in the 1st year of the master's program at the same graduate school of music, majoring in vocal music.

〇 Baritone solo: Yoshihiko Miyashita
Graduated from the vocal music department of Showa University of Music. Received a special award upon graduation. Participated in the master classes of Mr. D. Mazzola, M. Devia, W. Matteuzzi, and C. Santoro at the same university. Completed the 65th Master Class at the Nikikai Opera Training Institute. Received the highest award and the Shizuko Kawasaki Award at the time of completion. A member of the vocal group "Il Gorilla". Nikikai member.

○ Orchestra: Philharmonia Tama (Concert Master: Hiroshi Nishida)
Founded in 2004. Regular concerts are held at Tachikawa City Civic Hall and Komae Ecorma Hall. An orchestra rooted in Tama. Members are professional musicians who are active both in Japan and abroad. Co-starring with the famous singers of the Fujiwara Opera Company Nikikai. Opera "Haunted Mansion" (premiered in Polish in Japan), Opera "Nabucco", "Fascinating Polish Music for You! (participation in Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival)", "Mozart for You!", "New Year's Concert", etc. Earn. He has performed with Jörg Demus, Hiroko Nakamura, and the Sloker Trombone Quartet. Concertmaster: Hiroshi Nishida (former Bavarian State Opera, Tokyo Symphony Orchestra concertmaster).

○Tama Philharmonia Chorus
Founded in 2004. A mixed choir for the Tama area. Singing in the original language is the basis. Formed by a collaboration of music majors, professional vocalists and music lovers. Opera "Haunted Mansion" (Premiere in Polish concert format in Japan), New Year Concert (solo vocals: Ai Yamaguchi, Ai Masuda, Airi Takahashi), Opera "Nabucco" (solo vocals: Masato Makino and others), "Fascinating Polish Music for You" !” etc. Chorus instructor: Kasumi Yuda, Mutsumi Suzuki. Accompaniment: Erika Iwakami, Fuyumi Kumagai. Vocal Guidance: Akika Hattori.

Tama Philharmonia Association Homepage