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Asami Akutsu Soprano Recital

Asami Akutsu Soprano Recital


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Asami Akutsu Soprano Recital

MAMI AKUTSU Soprano Recital

Ginza Oji Hall
Ginza Oji Hall
All seats free 4,000 yen
*Sales start at 10:00 on February 1, 2023
Asami Akutsu (Sop)
Ryuichiro Sonoda (Pf)
Yoichi Yoshituru(Va)


JS Bach: If you were by my side
Schumann: Walnut Tree, Words
Debussy: Starry Night, Beautiful Evening
W.A. Mozart: Evening Thoughts for Sumire and Laura, Birds, Year by Year
Schubert: Ganymate singing on water
Dames: Welcome to spring
Strauss: Night, Cornflower, All Souls Day
Weber: "Even if the clouds cover the sun" and "When a slender young man comes" from the opera "The Magic Bullet Shooter"
Bellini: "Dear friends, dear friends, what a wonderful day for me today" from the opera "The Woman Who Sleepwalks"
"Oh! One more time~ Oh, I can't believe it~"
Strauss II: Voice of Spring
*The program may change due to circumstances.


Asami Akutsu (soprano)
Recognized by the great pianist (the late) Jörg Demus, he has performed many times in Japan and overseas. Co-starring at Ginza Oji Hall in 2016 was Nihon Keizai Shimbun's cultural page "Bunka Orai", and classical music magazine "Ongaku Gendai", "It is not a joke that the master Demus praises the soprano Asami Akutsu. The transparent and clear singing voice is lyrico and leggero, and the recitative that changes between light and dark conveys the depth of compassion and personality. Moreover, the voice quality is almost unchanged from the highest note to the lowest note. The beautiful thing of the important one sound of the beginning of singing. ] and get a favorable reception. In 2019, he performed with Vienna Philharmonic Principal Clarinetist Daniel Ottensamer and Principal Flutist Karl-Heinz Schutz. Active as a soloist of religious songs and at concerts in various places. Studied under the late Chieko Goto, Fieko Yasui, Shigeo Harada, Sumiya Torikawa, Yoko Oshima, Michio Tatara, Bruno Rufo, the late Luciano Bertagnolio, and Uwe Heilmann. Also attended masterclasses by Edith Matisse, Ellie Armeling, J. Loibl, and Sarah Arneson in Italy, Germany, and Japan for vocal research. As a voice trainer, I am also struggling to teach vocalization. After Shizuoka Prefectural Shimizu Minami High School Music Course, graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Music, Department of Vocal Music.