Tokyo Trombone Soloisten

Tokyo Trombone Soloisten


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Venue: Lilia Kawaguchi Music Hall

Concert Overview: Trombone: Akira Okumura (New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra) Masaaki Goka (Principal flutist, Shinsei Japan Symphony Orchestra) Hiroshi Kurata (Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra player) Mikameo Wada (Lecturer, Tokyo University of the Arts Orchestral Music Research Department) Percussion: Keiyuki Fujishiro (friendship appearance)

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M-Pretorius- French Dances

GP-Telemann- Concerto for Trombone Quartet

D-Dondine - Suite for Trombone Quartet

D-Stanhope- 4 Concerto Studies for Trombone Quartet

BE-Lin- 'FOUR for FOUR' for trombone quartet

A-Laforce- Etude for Trombone Quartet

Yoshiyuki Fujishiro (Arrangement) - Jazz Popular Standards