Lee Salonisti

Lee Salonisti


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Venue: Galax City, Adachi Ward

Concert Overview: Recommendation of Lee Salonisti... In today's world of classical music concerts, how many concerts are there that truly move you and give you peace of mind? Music is something to enjoy. Lee Salonisti is a group that teaches us the very simple basics of music. They appeared in the unprecedented blockbuster movie "Titanic" (1998) and attracted attention. Even before that, he was active mainly in Europe and was already known as a leading figure in salon music. In this visit to Japan, the movie music, including the music in the movie "Titanic", You will be able to listen to a sparkling ensemble centered on familiar classic masterpieces. From casual teatime concerts to luxurious dinner shows, Lee Salonisti captivates everyone who sees her with a wide repertoire, including intimate concerts studded with famous songs. I would like as many people as possible to enjoy the joy, beauty and splendor of music, and I would like to recommend the Swiss salon musica "I Salonisti".

Member-only special offers: In the unprecedented blockbuster movie "Titanic" He continued to play music even on a sinking ship, inspiring people. Those real salon musicians!

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