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Munotzil Brass (Osaka Performance) Mnozil Brass in Osaka

Munotzil Brass (Osaka Performance) Mnozil Brass in Osaka


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Venue: The Symphony Hall

Concert Overview :Trumpet: Thomas Gansch Roman Lindberger Robert Rother Trombone: Leonhard Paul Gerhard Fussl Zoltan Kiss Tuba: Wilfried Brandstetter

Member-only special offer information: A transcendent performance that overwhelmed the audience that filled the Royal Albert Hall in the UK! The best entertainment in Europe has decided to tour Japan for the first time due to the eagerness of the fans!

Ticket inquiries: Prost 06-6440-4157 Pro Arte Musice Tel. 03-3943-6677 Organizer: Asahi Shimbun Sponsored by: Kansai Brass Band Federation Sponsor: Dolce Gakki Cooperation: Asahi Broadcasting