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Munotzil Brass (Toyama Performance)

Munotzil Brass (Toyama Performance)


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Venue: Aubade Hall

Concert Overview: Trumpet: Thomas Gansch, Roman Lindberger, Robert Lothar, Trombone: Leonhard Paulgerhard Fussl, Zoltan Kiss, Tuba: Wilfried Brandstätter

Members-only special offer information: A transcendent performance that filled the Royal Albert Hall in England!

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H-Mancini-Moon River

Fr-Silcher-L-Olias-Friends-Such a day

S - Fuchsberger - Closing

PD-Garcia-Buenos Aires Ritomico

G-Puccini-My Dad


Medley on the Cavalry Overture Theme

j-haydn-madness whistle sound


G-Füssl-Traditional Music-Slibowitz

S-Fuchsberger-Strudel Stairs

A-Heart-Green Hornet

BE-Record-El Niño Perdido Mountain