Gabor Bordotski Trumpet Recital [Osaka] Co-star: Hiroko Oda

Gabor Bordotski Trumpet Recital [Osaka] Co-star: Hiroko Oda


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[Performance canceled due to the Great East Japan Earthquake]

Gabor Boldoczki Trumpet Recital in Osaka

Venue : The Phoenix Hall

The Phoenix Hall

Gabor Boldoczk, trumpet
Hiroko Orita, piano

Sponsor: Global Co., Ltd.
Organizer/Inquiries: Pro Arte Musice


GF Handel : Suite in D major HWV341
Lv Beethoven : 6 Variations on a Theme of Paigello*
G. Enesco : Legend
B. Bartok : Impromptu on 8 Hungarian peasant songs, Op.20*
F.Hidash : Fantasia
S. Friedman : Fanfare
W. Brandt : Concerto in E major
R. Schumann = F. Liszt: Dedication, Spring Night*
JB Urban: Carnival in Venice

GFHaendel : Suite D-Dur HWV341
Beethoven : 9 Variationen ueber das Thema 'Paisiello'*
Enescu: Legend
Hidas : Trumpet Fantasy etc.

* Piano Solo