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The King's Singers?Christmas Concert?(Okinawa)

The King's Singers?Christmas Concert?(Okinawa)


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Venue: Sashiki Town Cultural Center, Sugar Hall

Concert Overview: The King's Singers Robin Tyson (countertenor) David Hurley (countertenor) Paul Phoenix (tenor) Philip Lawson (baritone) Chris Gabitas (baritone) Stephen Connolly (bass)

Member-only special offers: 6 British gentlemen who continue to reign as the world's a cappella kings

Ticket Inquiries: Sugar Hall 098-947-1100 Ryubo 098-867-8246 Bunkyo Gakki Piano Salon 098-854-1313 Denen Shobo Ginowan Store 098-839-5911 Fukuhara Musical Instrument Store 098-938-9375 Organizer: Nanjo City


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