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17th Trombone Academy & Festival

17th Trombone Academy & Festival


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Trombone Academy & Festival 17th

Date : March 7 (Sat) 10:00-18:00
March 8 (Sun) 10:00-17:00
Venue : Kita Ward, Takinogawa Kaikan
Kita-ku Takinokawa Kaikan

For event details and applications, please visit the Japan Trombone Association website.

* Click here to apply for the Academy
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The annual trombone festival "Trombone Academy & Festival" will be held again this year. “Festival Stage”, a place for presentations aimed at a wide range of people from amateurs to professionals
Over the two days, a total of 30 groups will perform passionately.

In addition, "private lessons" by first-class instructors can be taken by yourself or with friends. From beginner to advanced, please aim to level up at once. We are looking for participants and participating teams! There are also many other events such as the popular "Warm-up Course" and "High Tone Championship"!



・Festival Concert
A total of 30 groups will perform enthusiastically over the two days of the "Festival Stage", a place for presentations aimed at a wide range of people from amateurs to professionals.

·private lesson
A 45-minute private lesson with top-notch instructors. We will carefully teach from beginner to advanced level. You can take the course alone or with friends.

・Warm-up course
First-class instructors give lectures on points for warm-up and basic practice. Due to popular demand, 3 classes will be held on both days this year! Advance registration is not required, so please bring your instrument!
Lecturers Nobuko Miyashita (New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra) Takahiro Ono (Yamaguchi College of Arts) Junichiro Murakami (ex-Sharps & Flats)

・Free ensemble corner
A corner where visitors can freely enjoy the ensemble. You can enjoy a variety of ensembles, from small to large, with professional instructors! You are also welcome to bring in the sheet music for the songs you want to try!
Lecture course "Let's make a good sound easily by using the body comfortably"

As you know, the trombone supports the instrument with the left hand and moves the right hand freely. In addition, the balance between the front and back of the instrument changes every moment from 1pos to 7pos. Clearly, it puts a lot of strain on the body.
This course is designed to make the most efficient use of the body's functions and to blow with good sound without stress.
Lecturer Tsukasa Numata (Tokyo Brass Band, Tokyo Chamber Orchestra)

<Special Guest Concert>
Kojiro Fujiwara (Principal, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra)
A solo concert by Kojiro Fujiwara, a trombone player who is widely active in Japan and overseas and is currently attracting the most attention.