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Munotzil Bras/Blofeld [DVD]

Munotzil Bras/Blofeld [DVD]

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Video specifications: NTSC region free
Subtitles: English, German Main video: 102 minutes Bonus video: 35 minutes
Aspect ratio: 16:9 Paper jacket specification

*No booklet *No Japanese subtitles

¥3760 (excluding tax)

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・ Psycho
[ B. Herman / arr. Thomas Gansch ]
・ Waltz from "Masquerade"
[ A. Khachaturian / arr. Gerhard Fussl ]
・ Big
[Thomas Gansch]
・ Bond Medley
[ arr. Leonhard Paul ]
Goldfinger - From Russia With Love - They'll Die - All Time High - James Bond Theme
・ Dance, Tuba Butzemann
[ Leonhard Paul ]
・ Superman ~ Farewell
[ J. Williams - German Folk Songs / arr. Mnotzill Brass ]
・Country Madness
[ Leonhard Paul ]
・ Liberty Bell - I Wanna Be Loved By You
[ JP Sousa ~ HP Stothart / arr. Mnotsir Brass ~ Leonhard Paul ]
・ "Scene da Mur" from "Vertigo"
[ B. Harman / arr. Thomas Gansch ]
・Gérard Mon Amour
[ arr. Thomas Gansch ]
・ Olympic Medley
[ arr. Mnotzil Blas/Leonhard Paul ]
Runner of Fire ~ Rocky's Theme ~ March from "The Nutcracker" ~ Beautiful Blue Danube
・ "Little Husband, Little Wife" from "Children's Play"
[ G. Bizet / arr. Leonhard Paul ]
・ Birdland
[ J. Sawinul / arr. Leonhard Paul ]
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"Blofeld", which was the program of the Japan tour in 2011, is finally available on DVD! There is no need to talk about the quality of the recorded content, such as the unique entertainment value of Munotzil, and the ultra-C class performance that can be achieved due to the solid playing technique. It is a program that is deeply rooted in Japanese fans.