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Mnotzil Bras/Boat of Troy [DVD]

Mnotzil Bras/Boat of Troy [DVD]

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[ Video system ] NTSC
[ Region ] ALL

Screening time: 97 minutes of main story, 24 minutes of bonus, 121 minutes in total
● Screen size: Main story 16: 9 Bonus 4: 3
●Language: German
Subtitles/Booklet: Japanese, English, French, Spanish, Swedish

¥3760 (excluding tax)

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2. Choir 1
3.Love Duet
4. Choir 2
5.The Jealous Poet
6. Adoration
7.Choir 2
8.Meeting of the Council
9.Choir 4
10. Meeting of the Presidents
12.Aria of the Princess
13.Choir 5
14.The Competition part 1
15.The Competition part 2
16.The Competition part 3
17.The Competition part 4
18.The Competition part 5
19.The Competition part 6
20.The Actual Truth
21.The Gist of the Matter
22. Applause Music
23. Special Features (bonus footage)


Munotsir Brass created a sensation when he first came to Japan in 2006 with his performance, overwhelming technique, and service-minded character that far exceeded the common sense of Japanese people. The long-awaited new DVD has finally arrived.
They move around, blowing and singing all over the stage. Not only does the Munotzil style not change, but it has been further refined to show off a new era of operetta. In addition to the amazing main story, the many stupid works included in the bonus tracks are also one of the highlights.
What is recorded here may be just a corner of Munotzil Entertainment...

Excerpt from the booklet: They are an orchestra and a choir. I sing in chorus and sing solo. A dancer and an actor. Primadonna and tenor. Mnotsir Blas and Bernd Jeszek are pursuing a Trojan boat that transcends the traditional operetta (opera, of course). They rely on their sense of smell to push forward. The destination is far away from Western music... Mnotzil Blas created his own operetta. It is truly the first operetta of the 21st century.