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Munotzil Bras/Life to come

Munotzil Bras/Life to come

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*Clipping noise can be seen in several places, but it is Mnotsyl Brass and the label's authorized product, and it is not a defective product.

Hoanzl H551-2
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※It becomes the arrival after having you order it.
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1. Out of My Dream
[ R. Rogers / arr. L. Paul ]
2. The Last Rose in the Wilderness (Auf der Heide bluh'n die letzten Rosen)
[ R. Stolz / arr. L. Paul ]
3. Riserva
[ L. Paul / arr. L. Paul ]
4. Abendlied
[ R. Schumann / arr. L. Paul ]
5. Dance Bodenboaniger ( Tanzbodenboaniger )
[ L. Paul / arr. L. Paul ]
6. Russian Night (Russische Nachte)
[ Th. Gansch / arr. Th. Gansch ]
7. Hungarian Schnapsodie
[ L. Paul / arr. L. Paul ]
8. You've Got a Friend
[ C. King / arr. L. Paul ]
9. Moldavia
[ G. Fussl / arr. G. Fussl ]
10. Da Summa is aussi
[ Traditional / arr. L. Paul ]
11. The Green Hornet Theme
[ B. May / A. Hirt / arr. R. Rindberger ]
12. What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life
[ M. Legrand / arr. L. Paul ]
13. Samba Mno Ci
[ Th. Gansch / arr. Th. Gansch ]
14. Frater Septimus Crux None ist gerade dabei eine Eucharistiefeier zu umrahmen, als ihm plotzlich klar wird, dass er eigentlich viel lieber DJ geworden ware
[ Th. Gansch / arr. Th. Gansch ]


Mnotsir Blas captivates the audience with unconventional performances during live performances. Even on the CD, it comes across.
This collection of works mainly includes new works that have not been recorded on previous CDs. You can't go wrong with this one! It's a must-have item for brass players.