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Munozil Brass/Irmingart [DVD]

Munozil Brass/Irmingart [DVD]

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[ Video system ] NTSC
[ Region ] ALL

●Language: German ●Subtitles: English ●Aspect ratio 4:3 ●Main story 103 minutes (including making-of) ●No booklet

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1. Chor Der Prinzen
2. Chor Der Baronessen
3. Bis Heut, Da Waren Wir Geduldig
4. Tango
5. Amor Tanz
6. Kaisers Erster Auftritt
7. Des Kaisers Herold
8. Ich Kann Nicht Von Ihr Lassen
9. Der Drache
10. Flucht Der Baronessen
11. Des Kaisers Letzter Aufritt
12. Siebenfache Hochzeit


As "Probably an Opera" is written on the cover, it is an opera-style program. It is a program that cannot be seen 100% live in Japan following "Troy's Boat". Not only the outstanding performance of Hoanzl H-723, but also the choreography that cannot be seen in other brass ensembles, and the singing ability that makes you think that you are an opera singer. You will be able to enjoy the world unique to Mnotzil Brass. It's a pity that there are no Japanese subtitles.

The content consists of two acts.

Seven princes (Maharajah, Cannibal, Melk's Beautiful Prince and Outlaw Prince, etc.) embark on an adventure in search of a princess. At the same time, the nasty and vicious Irmingart, the granddaughter of the great emperor, is looking for a man to marry her and become the emperor's successor. Accompanied by six female barons (women with baronial titles), Irmingart goes on a journey to find an heir and meets princes in various places, but the princes soon run away from Irmingart.

A beautiful prince of Melk named Baator falls in love with Irmingart after being struck by an arrow by Amo (the god of love in Roman mythology). However, Irmingart rejects this. The Emperor is enraged by this and puts Irmingart and the barons in his darkest prison, guarded by the house dragon Elfriede.

There is only one way to rescue Irmingart. It is to put Elfriede to sleep, but in order to do that, I need music to make her sleep. But no one knows the music. Can Bartle put Elfriede to sleep!?