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Koji Kyotani Quartet Tango

Koji Kyotani Quartet Tango


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Koji Kyoya Quartet Tango
Koji Kyoto Quartetto Tango

Venue : Sweet Basil STB139

All seats are free (in order of arrival): Adults ¥ 5,000


A tango quartet led by Japan's proud bandoneon player, Koji Kyotani, who received a joyful message from Astor Piazzolla, "To Koji, who will be Piazzolla's rival in the near future! Cheers to wonderful music!" Without forgetting the soul of traditional tango, we play full-fledged performances from classical to modern. The singer will be Harumi Maeda, the queen of dramatic tango, and the dancers will be Kokichi Tanada and Noriko Tanada.