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Sparkling Night in Spain (Kumamoto Mari)

Sparkling Night in Spain (Kumamoto Mari)


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Sparkling Night in Spain 

 A moment of healing at night presented by Mari Kumamoto, a specialist in Spanish music

 Sparkling time spent with Catalan music where tranquility and glamor coexist

Mari Kumamoto (piano)

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[Recording songs]
01. Larrocha: Invitation
02. Albeniz: The noise of the cove
03. Mompou: Lake
04. Mompou: Song and Dance No.9
05. Albeniz: Capriccio Catalan
Mompou: A festival of the distant past
12. Griddy: Romance
13. Sulinacchi: Spanish Song and Dance No.2
14. Albeniz: Malaguena
15. Marshall: The Coming of Spring
Mompou: Enchantment
16. T. To put the troubles to sleep
17. U. To enter the souls of the people
18.�V. To awaken love
19.�W. For treatment
20.X.To bring back memories of the past
21. Y. To invite joy
22. Blankafort: Autumn's Arrival
23. Blankafort: April's Sky Bird
24. Nickle Mel: Autumn Song
25. Mompou: Prelude No. 8
26. Albeniz: Mallorca
27. Albeniz: Asturias (Memories)
28. Mompou: Cute Dance
29. Mompou: Tango
30. Maratz: Spanish Serenade
31. Granados: Epilord
32. Gershwin (arr. Grainger): The Man I Love
33. Gershwin (arr. Grainger): Love Walked In