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"Nostalgia"? Kreisler: Violin Pieces | Eriko Washimi

"Nostalgia"? Kreisler: Violin Pieces | Eriko Washimi


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"Nostalgia" ~ Kreisler: Violin Pieces

"The charm of Chrysler to the maximum, this is exactly
A famous performance that will remain in history" Shogo Kariyazaki ( flower arrangement artist )
Passionate violinist Eriko Sumi challenged with all her heart
All Chrysler Program!
A masterpiece that will stir the soul of the listener is born here.

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Eriko Sumi (violin)
Amy Todoroki Schwartz (piano)

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August 30 & 31, 2021 / King Sekiguchidai Studio (1st Studio)
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Fritz Kreisler (1875-1962):
Tempo di minuet in the style of Pugnani
"Midnight Bells" from A Operetta "Ball of the Opera" (Heuberger)
�B Romance (Schumann)
�C The Song My Mother Taught Me (Dvorak)
�D Viennese Little March
�E Vienna Capriccio Op.2
�F Chinese Drum Op.3
�G love joy
�H love sadness
�I Beautiful Rosmarin
Rondino on a Theme by J Beethoven
�K La Gitana (Gypsy Woman)
Variations on a theme by Corelli in the style of �L Tartini
Song of Louis XIII and Pavane in the style of M Couperin
Prelude and Allegro in the style of �N Pugnani
"Melody" from the opera "Orpheus and Euridice" (Gluck)
``Rondo'' from ``Haffner Serenade'' in D major, K.250 (Mozart)
�Q Slavic Dances in E minor, Op.46-2 (Dvorak)
�R Tango Op.165-2 (Albeniz)