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[Sheet Music + CD Set] Flute Sonata "Little Bird Song Op.38" Makoto Sasaki & Jörg Demus

[Sheet Music + CD Set] Flute Sonata "Little Bird Song Op.38" Makoto Sasaki & Jörg Demus


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Flute Sonata "Little Bird Song Op.38"

Makoto Sasaki & Jörg Demus

(music + CD set)

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Flute: Makoto Sasaki
Piano: Jörg Demus
[Product content]
Musical score: 1 sheet music for J. Demus's "Little Bird Song Op.38"

CD: Makoto Sasaki Jörg Demus Duo Concert 1 point

[On the release of the product (Pro Arte Musice)]

A publishing project that includes the sheet music of "Sonata for Flute and Piano: Little Bird Song" composed by pianist J. Demus and a live CD of the "Makoto Sasaki & J. Demus" duo concert (1995 at Hamarikyu Asahi Hall). was proposed by flutist Makoto Sasaki in early spring 2023. Gladly and happily, I agreed to cooperate at once.

Mr. Sasaki and Mr. Demus met in May 1993. Mr. Sasaki listened to Mr. Deams's piano recital, and he rushed to the side of the stage, impressed by Mr. Demus. did. The sheet music of the flute sonata "Little Bird Song" and the live recording CD of the premiere concert of the same song by both musicians are truly a set of works born from an accidental and fateful encounter between the maestro J.Demus and the genius Makoto Sasaki. Thank you.

As the last piano master of the Viennese Romantic school, Mr. Demus frequently visited Japan. As a manager in Japan, I have accompanied most of the recitals and concertos, and I cannot count the number of times I cried along with the audience when I was exposed to the pure, colorful and rich musical expression played by Mr. Demus. I realized that this is the "sound world of life," where "nature" and "human beings" are organically linked, pursued by the well-rounded Mr. Demus.

"There was a flutist who played my piece!" Mr. Demus said with a big smile.

This sheet music and CD was created from the deep relationship of trust between the two musicians and their understanding of the work that touched the heartstrings of both musicians. It is a great pleasure to deliver to those who want to touch the piano performance of Mr. Deems. Each of the works contains a lot of the heart-warming essence of Mr. Demus, who Debussy liked to play very much.

How happy Mr. Demus in heaven would be to hear this work, which was born from this fateful accident, along with the many flute works around the world.

This year, I would like to visit Vienna again to lay flowers in front of Mr. Demus' grave and report on the publication.

Last but not least, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Makoto Sasaki and Mrs. Yasuko Sasaki, who gave me the opportunity to discuss the publication.

Spring 2023

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