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Munotzil Brass “YES YES YES” [Hatsukaichi Performance]

Munotzil Brass “YES YES YES” [Hatsukaichi Performance]


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Mnozil Brass in Hiroshima


[Venue] Hatsukaichi Culture Hall Sakura Pia (Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture)
hatsukaichi bunka hall sakurapia

[All seats reserved] General S seat 5,000 yen A seat 4,000 yen
High school students and younger S seat 2,500 yen A seat 2,000 yen
* Preschoolers are not allowed to enter


[Tickets/Inquiries] Release date: Members: July 10 (Sun) General: July 17 (Sun)

Sakura Pia 0829-20-0111 (9:00-19:00)


[Organizer] Hatsukaichi City Culture and Sports Promotion Organization




Munotzil Bras Profile
Mnozil Brass Biography

Thomas Gansch (trumpet)
Robert Lothar (trumpet)
Roman Lindberger (trumpet)
Leonhard Paul (trombone)
Gerhard Fussl (trombone)
Zoltan Kiss (trombone)
Albert Wieder (tuba)