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Canadian Brass/Echo: Gabrieli's Glory [CD]

Canadian Brass/Echo: Gabrieli's Glory [CD]

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recorded music
1. Echo (Samuel Scheidt / arr. Eric Robertson)
2. Eight voice canzon in 7th mode (Giovanni Gabrielli / arr. Eric Robertson)
3. Piano and Forte Sonata (Giovanni Gabrielli / arr. Eric Robertson)
4. From the opera "Orfeo": Toccata (Claudio Monteverdi / arr. Brandon Leidenough)
5. From the opera "Orfeo": Prologue - From the river of Permesso I love
6. From the opera "Orfeo": Away from the Mountains
7. From the opera "Orfeo": Vieni lmeneo (Chorus)
8. From the opera "Orfeo": Ecco Orfeo (Chorus)
9. From the opera "Orfeo": Messaggiera y Pastore
10. From the opera "Orfeo": Tu se' morta
11. From the opera "Orfeo": Ahi caso acerbo!
12. From the opera "Orfeo": Chi Ne Consola
13. From the opera "Orfeo": Vanne Orfeo
14. Opera "Orfeo": Moresca
15. Eight-part canzon in first mode (Giovanni Gabrielli / arr. Eric Robertson)
16. Canzona per sonare No. 2 (Giovanni Gabrielli / arr. John Selly)
17. 12 voice canzon with double echo effect (Giovanni Gabrielli / arr. Howard Cable)
18. Canzona per sonare No. 4 (Giovanni Gabrielli / arr. Graeme Page)
19. Canzon in Modes 7 and 8 (Giovanni Gabrielli / arr. Howard Cable)


Not only must-see works such as Giovanni Gabrielli's "Canzon in 7th Mode" and "Sonata for Piano and Forte", but also excerpts from Claudio Monteverdi's opera "Orfeo" are Canadian. It is a fulfilling piece that allows you to fully enjoy the harmony power of brass.