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Canadian brass/Brahms on brass [CD]

Canadian brass/Brahms on brass [CD]

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recorded music
1. Sixteen Waltzes, Op.39, No. 1 (Johannes Brahms / arr. Brandon Leidenough)
2. Sixteen Waltzes, Op.39, No.2 (Johannes Brahms / arr. Chris Colletti)
3. Sixteen Waltzes, Op.39, No.3 (Johannes Brahms / arr. Brandon Leidenough)
4. 16 Waltzes, Op.39, No.4 (Johannes Brahms / arr. Brandon Leidenough)
5. Sixteen Waltzes, Op.39, No.5 (Johannes Brahms / arr. Chris Colletti)
6. Sixteen Waltzes, Op.39, No.6 (Johannes Brahms / arr. Chris Colletti)
7. Sixteen Waltzes, Op.39, No.7 (Johannes Brahms / arr. Chris Colletti)
8. Sixteen Waltzes, Op.39, No.8 (Johannes Brahms / arr. Brandon Leidenough)
9. Sixteen Waltzes Op.39 No.9 (Johannes Brahms / arr. Chris Colletti)
10. Sixteen Waltzes Op.39 No.10 (Johannes Brahms / arr. Chris Colletti)
11. Sixteen Waltzes Op.39 No.11 (Johannes Brahms / arr. Chris Colletti)
12. Sixteen Waltzes Op.39 No.12 (Johannes Brahms / arr. Chris Colletti)
13. Sixteen Waltzes Op.39 No.13 (Johannes Brahms / arr. Chris Colletti)
14. 16 Waltzes Op.39 No.14 (Johannes Brahms / arr. Chris Colletti)
15. Sixteen Waltzes Op.39 No.15 (Johannes Brahms / arr. Brandon Leidenough)
16. Sixteen Waltzes Op.39 No.16 (Johannes Brahms / arr. Chris Colletti)
17. Ballad Op.10 No.1 (Johannes Brahms / arr. Brandon Leidenough)
18. 11 Chorale Preludes Op.122: No. 1 My Jesus, Thou Delights Me Forever (Johannes Brahms / arr. Brandon Leidenough)
19. 11 Chorale Preludes, Op.122: No. 2 Jesus, whom I love dearly (Johannes Brahms)
20. 11 Chorale Preludes, Op.122: No.3 O world, I must go (Johannes Brahms)
21. 11 Chorale Preludes, Op.122: No. 4 I Rejoice (Johannes Brahms)
22. 11 Chorale Preludes, Op.122: 5. Dress, my soul (Johannes Brahms)
23. 11 Chorale Preludes Op.122: No. 6 O Blessed Believers (Johannes Brahms)
24. 11 Chorale Preludes, Op.122: No. 7 God, God of True Mercy (Johannes Brahms)
25. 11 Chorale Preludes, Op.122: No. 8 I'd Like a Rose (Johannes Brahms)
26. 11 Chorale Preludes, Op.122: No.9 I Longing (Johannes Brahms)
27. 11 Chorale Preludes Op.122: No. 10 I Longing (Johannes Brahms)
28. 11 Chorale Preludes, Op.122: No. 11 O world, I must go (Johannes Brahms)


It consists mainly of Brahms' famous pieces, "16 waltzes opus 39" and "11 chorale preludes opus 122".