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Canadian Brass/Great Wall [CD]

Canadian Brass/Great Wall [CD]

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recorded music
1. Lift Your Bale (arr. Darling Gao)
2. Purple Bamboo Medley (arr. Eric Reed)
3. The Moon Represents My Heart (arr. Caleb Hudson)
4. Dance of Youth (arr. Eric Reid)
5. Little Shadow (arr. Eric Reed)
6. Mountain Song Love (arr. Howard Cable)
7. Kagetsu Harue (arr. Eric Reed)
8. Tibetan Plains (arr. Eric Reed)
9. Chasing butterflies while picking tea (arr. Howard Cable)
10. Nanmu Bay (arr. Howard Cable)
11. Rise Your Veil (arr. Howard Cable)
12. Childhood (arr. Eric Reid)
13. Congratulations (arr. Howard Cable)
14. Beautiful Eyes (arr. Howard Cable)
15. Youth Dance (arr. Howard Cable)
16. Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon (arr. Howard Cable)
17. Guerrilla Song (arr. Chris Colletti)
18. Matsurika (arr. Chris Colletti)


In 2013, a Christmas album will be released from Canadian Brass, who entertained us with a wonderful performance in Japan after a long absence.
A total of 18 songs, including original works by member Christopher Coletti, centered on works from Vince Guaraldi's "A Charlie Brown Christmas" (Japanese title is "Snoopy's Christmas"). Vince Guaraldi's "Snoopy's Christmas" is the soundtrack album for the movie of the same name, originally by a jazz piano trio. Without compromising the jazz taste, it is finished as a stylish Christmas album that is typical of Canadian brass. This is the most recommended collection of works this winter as a listening board.