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Michel Becke 2010

Michel Becke 2010


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Artist name: Michel Becquet (Trombone)

PAMP-1039 ¥2618 (tax included)


Rachmaninoff: Elegy

S. Rachmaninov : Elegie op.3-1

Mendelssohn: Song without words in D major

F. Mendelssohn : Lied ohne Worte op.109

Honegger: Homage for the Trombone - entrusting the regret of the composer who could not attend the performance

A. Honegger : Hommage du trombone exprimant la tristesse de l'auteur absent,

E. Bozza: Ballade Eugene Bozza : Ballade op.62

J. Castelade: Sonatine

J. Casterede : Sonatine

B. Croll: Capriccio da Camera

B. Krol : Capriccio da camera

F. Kreisler: Love Sorrow