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Kyoichiro Kori [Tb] / Annie Laurie

Kyoichiro Kori [Tb] / Annie Laurie


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Hiroko Hayashi [piano]

Recorded : Mardh 24th to 26th 2015 at Miyoshicho Bunkakaikan "Coppice Miyoshi"


[1] G. Langford: Rhapsody for trombone and brass band
Gordon Jangford: Rhapsody for Trombone & Brass Band
[2] JG Rossini (arr./Y.Leonovich): The Barber of Seville Overture
Gioacchino Rossini (Arr. Yuriy Leonovich): Overture to The Barber of Seville
[3] A. Pryor: Thoughts of love
Arthur Pryor: Thoughts of Love
H. Tomasi: Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra
Henri Tomasi: Concerto
[4] First Movement Andante and Scherzo-Waltz
�T. Andante et Scherzo-Valse
[5] Second Movement Nocturne
�U. Nocturne
[6] Third Movement Tambouran
�V. Tambourin
[7] JS Bach: Arioso
Johann Sebastian Bach: Arioso
[8] A.Piazzolla (Arrangement/J.Moget): Oblivion
Astor Piazzolla (Arr. Greg Anderson): Oblivion
[9] A. Pryor (supplementary work/R. Isel): Annie Laurie
Arthur Pryor (adapted by Robert Isele): Annie Laurie
G. Gershwin (Arr./R. Sauer): Three Preludes
George Gershwin (Arr. Ralph Sauer): 3 Preludes
[10] 1.To Bill Daly
[11] 2. Blue Lullaby
[12] 3. Spanish Prelude
J.Wigham (composed piano part/J.Baldauf):Suite
Jiggs Whigham (Piano Arr. Julia Baldauf): Suite
[13] Song 1 Opening
�T Opening
[14] No.2 Hills
�U Hills
[15] No.3 Nice & Nasty
�V Nice and Nasty
[16] Song 4 Steve
�W Steve
[17] No. 5 Fast Swing
�X Fast Swing


[Kyoichiro Kori] Kyoichiro Kori, trombone
Born in Fukuoka City in February 1968. Started playing the piano at the age of 3, moved to Miyazaki City at the age of 10, studied the flute under Naoko Kirihara, and started playing the trombone at the age of 12. Graduated from Toho Gakuen University Music Department in 1990 after studying music at Toho Gakuen High School. Completed Musashino Music Academy jazz department with excellent grades. Short-term study abroad in France. He studied under Shigeki Ide, Sumio Miwa, Hiroyuki Odagiri, Satoshi Kamiya, and Yves Demar. Studied chamber music with the Tokyo Trombone Quartet, Hosei Soken, Hidehiko Fukuda, and Kenji Tamiya. Studied jazz under Shigeharu Mukai and Michio Kagiwada. He has taken many public lessons such as I. Bousfield and B. Sloker. He studied conducting under the late Morihiro Okabe and Nanao Yamamoto. Joined the Siena Wind Orchestra in 1991. Performed a concerto with the company conducted by Yutaka Sado, and received favorable reviews. For 9 years from 1996, he also served as a representative of the group's musicians and contributed to the development of the group. Won first place in the quartet section of the 1st Japan Trombone Competition and won the Japan Band Society Award. Invited performance at the Trombone Festival. At the festival, he also serves as a guest, lecturer, and chairman of the executive committee. Siena Brass, member of the Musica Mundana Trombone Ensemble. Leader of the trombone ensemble Colin. Many TV appearances and CD / DVD production participation. Performed as a soloist in various brass bands and brass bands. He also performs in various places as a player of the Japan New Philharmonic Orchestra. Guest performances in most orchestras in the Tokyo metropolitan area, participation in domestic and international music festivals such as Hong Kong, Kurashiki, Shiga Kogen, Berlin Deutsche Oper, Polish National Krakow Chamber Orchestra, Russian Hermitage Orchestra, Czech Prague Orchestra, He has performed in Japan with the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra and the Leningrad State Opera Orchestra. He has also worked as a judge and written for various magazines, and has also published a trombone instructional book from Yamaha Music Media. He also puts effort into teaching in various places, and his students and groups often achieve excellent results in various competitions. He has also worked extensively on studio recordings and jazz, performing with many famous musicians from Japan and overseas such as Eiji Kitamura, Fumio Karashima, Tomonao Hara, Bill Watrous, Richie Cole, and Bobby Shue, and regularly performing at famous live houses. , active in a wide range of fields. He has served as a lecturer at the American School in Japan, a lecturer at Naomi Tokyo Music & Media Arts, and a councilor of the Chofu City Cultural and Community Promotion Foundation. Currently, he is a lecturer at Showa College of Music, Showa College of Music, Showa Music School, Kunitachi Conservatory of Music, Music School Dacapo. Director of the Japan Trombone Association. As of July 2015

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