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Jörg Demus (pf) x Debussy/Mask and Bergamasque

Jörg Demus (pf) x Debussy/Mask and Bergamasque


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Artist name: Jörg Demus
PAMP-1046 ¥2,618 (tax included) [On sale May 26, 2012]

From a recent concert review

A dreamy expression, a passionate expression that pushes forward, and sometimes a sublime state reached by a clear sound.
Yasuhiko Sugano "Ongaku Gendai" March 2010 issue

It is as if Schumann is talking to you from the land of Vienna at a distance of time. It was a concert that was more abyss than expected.
Naoya Takayama "Ongaku no Tomo" December 2010 issue


Claude Debussy
Suite Bergamasque
[1] I. Prelude Prlude
[2] II. Menuet
[3] III. Moonlight Clair de lune
[4] IV. Passepied
[5] (V.) Masks
[6] (VI). L'Isle joyeuse

[7] Paul Dukas: A Faun's Distant Lament
Paul Dukas: La plainte au loin du faune
[8] Jörg Demus: Night of the Stars
Jrg Demus : Nuit d'toiles

Claude Debussy
Images II
[9] I. Cloches a travers les feuilles
[10] II. And the moon falls over the deserted temple Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fut
[11] III. Poissons d'or of the golden fish

Cesar Franck
Prelude, Fugue and Variations Prlude, fugue et variaton
[12] I. Prelude Prlude
[13] II. Fugue
[14] III. Variation

[15] Jörg Demus: Homage to Debussy
Jrg Demus: Hommage a Debussy

Claude Debussy
[16] Nocturne

Prints Estampes
[17] I. Pagoda Pagodes
[18] II. An Evening in Granada La soire dans Granade
[19] III. Rain garden Jardins sous la pluie