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Joseph Alessi (trombone) Japan Tour 2011 / Hiroshi Nagao (piano)

Joseph Alessi (trombone) Japan Tour 2011 / Hiroshi Nagao (piano)


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Joseph Alessi Trombone
Hiroshi Nagao, piano
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Emperor Alessi's first live album of the trombone!
The full picture of that legendary recital in Japan is here!

Perfectly calculated breath control, rich tone produced by efficient buzzing, vivid slide technique that pursues rationality... If you listen to this album, you will understand that all techniques were for music and singing. .
The long-awaited live album is finally here!
(Shigeki Saeki)

《From the CD review》

The latest album by Alessi, one of the "Gods" of the trombone world who has been the principal player of the New York Philharmonic since 1985. Although it was recorded last year's recital in Japan, it has a high degree of perfection, with multiple performances and separate recordings such as GENEPRO (actually the GENEPRO sound source is not used [Proartemujike supplementary note]) ing. The contents centered on the original songs of the same instrument, including the classics such as Serotsuki and Boza, are ideal for the basic library of enthusiasts. While making full use of exquisite vibrato, the performance is sung for a long time with a warm sound, and the smooth legato is pleasing to the ear. The technique is of course brilliant. In particular, there are no words for the transcendence of Pryor's "Air Valier". (Buraabo July 2012 issue Katsuhiko Shibata)

Consists of live recordings of recitals held in Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka and Tokyo in January 2011. Hiroshi Nagao's accompaniment is exquisite and agile. Of course Alessi's trombone is also amazing. However, it does not give the impression that it is overly technical, and the sound quality, nuances, and expressions are truly rich in musicality. (CD Journal July 2012 issue)


[1] R. Bootli: Capriccio
Roger Boutry: Capriccio
[2] H. Bussel: Etude No. 5
Henri Bsser : Etude No.5
[3] H. Bussel: Etude No. 8
Henri Bsser : Etude No.8
[4] A. Gilman: Symphonic Piece op.88
Alexandre Guilmant: Morceau symphonique op.88
[5] N. Ferro: At Midday
Nicola Ferro: Midday, Dedicated to Joseph Alessi

K. Serocki: Sonatine
Kazimierz Serocki: Sonatine
[6] I. Allegro
[7] II. Andante Malt Sostenuto
Andante molto sostenuto
[8] III. Allegro vivace
Allegro vivace

[9] JG Ropartz: Concert piece in E-flat minor
Joseph Guy Ropartz: Concertpiece in Eb minor
[10] A. Vivaldi: "Largo" from Sopranino Recorder Concerto (Piccolo Concerto)
Antonio Vivaldi : “Largo” from Sopranino Recorder Concerto (Piccolo Concerto)
[11] E. Boza: Ballade op.62
Eugene Bozza : Ballade op.62
[12] A. Prior: Air Valier
Arthur Pryor: Air Varie
-encore- -encore-
[13] V. Monty: Chardas
Vittorio Monti: Czardas
[14] Z. Comfrey: Kitten on the Keyboard
Zez Confrey: Kitten on the Keys