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Takahiro Ono (trombone)/Yeronima

Takahiro Ono (trombone)/Yeronima


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Mark Baumann [Organ]

Recorded: September 8-10, 2010Eglise Saint-Adelphe de Preuschdorf ( France )

Sacred sound of trombone and organ, recorded in a French church!

Regarded as a "sacred instrument", the trombone was once the only instrument allowed to enter the church. Many churches in Europe depict angels playing this instrument. With Marc Baumann, resident organist of Notre Dame Cathedral, the history of the trombone goes back to the oldest trombone piece, "La Hieronyma." Please enjoy the sacred sound recorded in a majestic church in France.


1. G. Frescobaldi: Canzona
Girolamo FRESCOBALDI : Canzon 04:09

2. JS Bach: Aria on the G String
Johann Sebastien BACH : Aria de la suite en R 04:55

3. G. Cesare: Yeronima
Giovani Martino CESARE : La Hieronyma 02:49

4. C. Frank: Bread of Angels
Csar FRANCK : Panis angelicus 03:51

5. H. Berlioz: Funeral and Victory Symphony
Hector BERLIOZ : Grande symphony funbre et triumphal op.15 06:51

6. F. Schubert: Ave Maria
Franz Schubert : Ave Maria 04:26

7. G. Caccini: Ave Maria
Giulio CACCINI : Ave Maria 03:40

8. C. Saint-Saëns: Swan (from "Carnival of the Animals")
Camille Saint-Sans: Le Cygne (Extrait du Carnaval des animaux) 03:04

9. J. Bach: A Voice Calls to Awaken
Johann Sebastien BACH : Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme 04:28

10. GF Handel: Ombra Maif
Georg Friedrich HNDEL : Ombra mai fu 03:06

11. A. Gilman: Symphonic Pieces
Alexandre GUILMANT : Morceau symphonique op.88 07:19


Born in 1977 in Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Started playing piano at age 3 and trombone at age 16. Graduated from Tokyo College of Music as a scholarship student. After studying at the same university, he went to France as an overseas trainee for artists dispatched by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Graduated from the French National Paris Regional Conservatory (CNR) and the National Boulogne Regional Conservatory (CNR). 2002 1st prize at the Leopold Bellan Music Competition (Paris). He has been invited and participated in the PMF Pacific Rim Music Festival and the Asian Youth Orchestra, and has also participated in the Sydney Olympic Arts Festival, the National Athletic Meet Fanfare, the National Cultural Festival, the Shiga Kogen Music Festival, the Kita Kai Music Festival, the Yatsugatake Music Festival, and the Matsuyama Trombone Festa. He has been a guest performer and lecturer at Hidan Trombone Festa, etc., and has received high acclaim through his performances not only in Japan but also in England, Germany, Switzerland, France, Hong Kong, Vietnam, South Korea, the Philippines, and Australia. In addition to performing solo recitals in various places, he has performed with world-famous musicians such as B. Sloker, J. Mauge, and A. Henry. In 2006, "La Renta Dichesa" was dedicated by Cosimo Corazzo (Director of the Conservatory of Music in Trento, Italy) and premiered. In 2008, he performed "Rhapsodia Concertante" composed by Tatsuya Hirano as a memorial piece to commemorate the 10th Trombone Academy & Festival sponsored by the Japan Trombone Association. give a recital. After successively serving as an assistant professor at the Nice International Music Academy, he is currently a lecturer at the Yamaguchi College of Art, a managing director of the NPO Association of French-Japanese Musicians (AFJAM), and a permanent director of the Japan Trombone Association.