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Jörg Demus Piano Recital 2012.5.19

Jörg Demus Piano Recital 2012.5.19


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Artist name: Jörg Demus
PAMP-1050 ¥2,618 (tax included) [Released on November 22, 2013]

From the concert review of this performance

Beethoven…A performance overflowing with emotions that erupts from within
Debussy: So soft that you can't tell if he's touching the keyboard
Frank... The afterglow of the fragrant sound reverberates throughout the venue.
Kyoko Michishita "Ongaku no Tomo" July 2012 issue

Mr. Dames is 84 years old.
I wonder if it's common for great pianists of this generation, the music is bright and transparent when you see (listen to) it.
And fresh and youthful.
Mikio Toki "Musica Nova" September 2012 issue


JS Bach Johann Sebastian Bach
Partita No. 1 in B flat major
Partita Nr. 1 B-Dur BWV. 825
[1] Prludium 2:01
[2] Allemande 2:35
[3] Corrente 2:05
[4] Sarabande 3:51
[5] Menuett I 1:37
[6] Menuett II 1:46
[7] Gigue 2:31

[8] Mozart: Adagio in B minor for Clavier 8:24
-In memory of Fischer-Dieskau-
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Adagio h-Moll K. 540
(for Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau † 2012.5.18)

Beethoven Ludwig van Beethoven
Piano Sonata No. 31 in A flat major
Sonate fr Klavier Nr.31 As-Dur op.110
[9] Moderato cantabile molto espressivo 6:36
[10] Allegro molto 2:05
[11] Adagio ma non troppo 3:09
[12] Fuga 4:29
[13] L'Inversione della Fuga 2:40

Debussy Claude Debussy
[14] Sunken Temple 5:03
La Cathdrale Engoutie
[15] Flax-haired maiden 2:16
La Fille aux cheveux de lin
[16] The sound of the bell crossing the leaves 3:35
Cloches a travers les feuilles
[17] Moonlit Terrace
La terrasse des audiences du clair de lune 3:24
[18] And the moon falls over the desolate temple
Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fut 3:57
[19] Moonlight
clair de lune 4:50

[20] Frank: Aria ~ Prelude, Aria and Finale
Csar Franck: Aria (from Prlude, aria et final) 5:25

[21] Nocturne in F sharp major
Nocturne in F-sharp Major op.15-2 3:00
[22] Lullaby in D flat major
Berceuse Des-Dur op.57 4:24