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Shining Brass Sound/The Brass "Carmen Suite" [CD]

Shining Brass Sound/The Brass "Carmen Suite" [CD]


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Shining Brass Sound/The Brass "Carmen Suite"

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Masamichi Amano: Prelude de Fete
G. Bizet (Arranged by Osami Yamaguchi): From Suite "Carmen"
i. Prelude
ll. Dragoon of Alcala
IV. Habanera
V. Gypsy dance
G. Haru (Arrangement: Osami Yamaguchi) Tuba blowing holiday (Tuba: Hiroshi Yamagishi)
G. Roman (Arrangement: Osami Yamaguchi): Laughing Trombone (Trombone: Toshiyuki Yamazaki)
F. Fernrich: Walt Echo (Alphorn 1st: Hideaki Mukai, 2nd: Toshiyuki Yamazaki)
R. Reinhard (Arrangement: Toshiyuki Yamagishi): Alphorn Melody (Alphorn: Hideaki Mukai)
L. Anderson (Arrangement: Osami Yamaguchi): Trumpet Blowing Holiday (Trumpet 1st: Genzo Kitamura, 2nd: Yuji Yamamuro, 3rd: Yutaka Mitachi)
Masamichi Amano: March of the Brass
Disney Medley (Arranged by Motoi Yokoya)
Tamezo Narita (Arranged by Masamichi Amano): Beach song
Black Spiritual Song (Arranged by Motoi Yokoya): Marching Saints
M. Deegan (Arrangement: Motoi Yokoya): Oh Champs Elysees