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Keiko Ishii Ensemble Series XXIII

Keiko Ishii Ensemble Series XXIII


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Keiko Ishii Ensemble Series XXIII

Venue: Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Small Hall
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Recital Hall

All seats unreserved ¥ 4,000


Piano: Keiko Ishii Ishii Keiko, piano

Violin: Keiichiro Ishii, violin

: Mina Ishizuki, Haruna Ishizuki, violin

Viola: Yuji Goto, viola

Cello: Satoshi Idoji, cello

Meeting of the earth 042-343-3455
Pro Arte Musice 03-3943-6677
Japan Phil 03-5378-5911


Brahms: Piano Quartet in G Minor, Op.25
Korngold: Piano Quintet in E major Op.15


Keiko Ishii, Piano

After attending the high school attached to Tokyo University of the Arts, graduated from the same university and graduate school. Received the Kreutzer Prize while in school. After that, he studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich, and appeared in many concerts and broadcasts mainly in Munich. After returning to Japan, he performed with the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. FM recital. Started performance activities such as solo recitals. In particular, he performed a duo recital with Keiichiro Ishii in more than 50 cities nationwide, and released the CD duo album "Kaleidoscope of the Cold". Rich expressiveness backed by reliable technology, especially the gentleness and brightness of the tone color, attracts many music fans. The Ensemble Series, which has been held every year since 1987, has been highly acclaimed for its variety of programming and the charm of the ensemble. Studied under Michiko Endo, Hiroshi Tamura, Aiko Noro, Jun Date, Shoji Shinkai, and E. Tenberg.

Keiichiro Ishii, Violin

Born in Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1949. After attending the high school attached to Tokyo University of the Arts, after graduating from the same university with the highest grades, he entered the Munich University of Music and Performing Arts as a scholarship student from West Germany. Studied under Professor K. Stieler. Takes lessons from master N. Milstein at the Master Course in Zurich. Performed mainly in Munich and appeared on Bavarian Radio. In 1973, he joined the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. He has held positions as Assistant Concertmaster and Principal Violinist. While working as a central violinist in the orchestra, he is also active in the fields of solo and chamber music. His intellectual musicality, supported by beautiful sounds and precise composition, has been highly acclaimed, and his excellent interpretations and performances of modern music in particular have earned him a reputation. Programming is always based on a wide repertoire from classical to contemporary, and is attracting attention as a talent in the violin world. Many premiere performances include A. Hartmann's Violin Concerto, Yuzo Toyama's "Elegy for Solo Violin and Orchestra," and Yuzo Toyama's "Sonata No. 2 for Violin and Piano." Studied under Yonosuke Ishii, Tatsuo Totsuka, and Yoshio Unno.

Haruna Ishizuki, Violin

After studying music at Kitakamakura Girls' High School, graduated from Tokyo College of Music majoring in violin. During his studies, he attended a master class by R. Ricci at the Mozarteum Conservatory in Salzburg. After graduating from the same university in 1996, he joined the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra. Enrolled until 2004. In 2001, participated in the 13th Affinis Summer Music Festival. In 2003, he studied under R. Degareille at the Cagliari Music Festival in Sardinia, Italy. Since 2005, he has been a contract member of the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra as a freelancer. Studied chamber music under Yukari Nakamura, Hitoshi Maezawa, Koichiro Harada, Katsuya Matsubara, Keiichiro Ishii, and Hamao Fujiwara.

Yuji Goto, Viola

Born in Hokkaido in 1961. After studying at Tokyo University of the Arts, completed the graduate school there. In 1985, he joined the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1993, he held recitals in Kyoto and Hokkaido and received favorable reviews. Also active in the field of chamber music as a member of the Iris String Quartet. Since 2001, he has held an annual recital in Tokyo. He studied viola under Yoshiaki Nakatsuka and Ulrich Koch, and chamber music under Toshio Kuronuma, Koichiro Harada, and Gerhard Bosse.

Satoshi Idoji, Cello

Born in Tokyo in 1964. After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts, graduated from the same graduate school in 1991. While still a student, he performed at Tokyo Solisten and participated in performances in Europe. Since 1993, while working as a cellist with the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, he has performed in various places in the field of chamber music as a member of the Iris String Quartet. He studied cello under Yasushi Horie, Noriyuki Miki and Reine Frachaud, and chamber music under Tsuyoshi Hidaka and Koichiro Harada.