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Keiko Masuda x Keiji Kado Duo Recital [Takamatsu Performance]

Keiko Masuda x Keiji Kado Duo Recital [Takamatsu Performance]


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Keiko Masuda x Keiji Kaku Duo Recital

Keiko Masuda×Keiji Sumi Duo Recital


Venue: Sunport Takamatsu First Small Hall
sunport hall takamatsu

All seats are unreserved General 2000 yen University student / Kagawa Flute Tomonokai member 1000 yen

Inquiries: 090-6281-7030 (Sagara) 090-8691-96208 (Masuda)


Beezer: Mountain Song
Piazzolla: History of Tango
Troba: Sonatina, Classics on Ryuteki


Keiko Masuda (flute)

After graduating from the High School of Music attached to the Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts, in 2001, he studied at the Amsterdam Conservatory in the Netherlands as a scholarship student of the Yonden Cultural Promotion Foundation. Student,
Appeared as a piccolo player in the world premiere project of the unpublished film music composed by Shostakovich (Paris), and was well received by his wife. He has also participated in numerous project tours in Holland, Belgium and France. Returned to Japan in 2003 after working as an assistant professor in the flute department of the Amsterdam Conservatory.
Received the 34th All-Shikoku Music Competition Grand Prize, 7th Kagawa Junior Music Competition Gold Prize and Takamatsu City Mayor's Prize, and 2nd place at the 48th All-Japan Student Music Competition Tokyo. Received the 3rd KOBE International Student Competition Special Award and Jury Prize. Received the Tokyo University of the Arts Doseikai Newcomer Award.
A 9-year collaboration with the Shinnai Shamisen (Fujimatsu Kikusaburo head family), live flamenco music, radio Japan "business front line" theme song on air, etc., "Duo Increase" entertainment with talk and singing Develop live performances full of sexuality. Released the CD "The Sea" in 2012 while working with the cruise ship unit "Ensemble Lillian". His wide range of activities includes ensembles with orchestra, chamber music, guitar, koto, and jazz piano. In the 2011 solo recital "When the Flute Echoes Beyond Ages and Styles", he realized a fusion of classical, Japanese, flamenco, and contemporary music. June 2014 Solo CD release, July-August performance tour of the talented quintet "Japan Nostalgia" (percussion, double bass, sho, koto, various flutes and flutes) concert tour, and a duo with guitarist Kado Keiji in October.・They are active and characteristic performance activities, such as recital tours, CD releases, and overseas performances.

Keiji Kaku (guitar)
Moved to the United States in 1999. He entered the Peabody Conservatory of Music at Johns Hopkins University, and the following year, he was specially promoted to the master's course performance diploma course. In 2002, he completed the master's course diploma course at the same conservatory and graduated.
While in the United States, after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, he performed at the State Department in Washington DC. In 2002, he performed a charity concert for the World Trade Center Building in New York, which was introduced nationwide on TV news programs. In the same year, he performed with the Pan American Symphony Orchestra and the Costa Rica National Symphony Orchestra. Before and after that, he was active in various places in the United States, including the Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall. In 2005, she appeared in a recital hosted by the Japanese Embassy in the United States. Returned to Japan in the same year.
During the 2005 Taiwan tour, they performed in Taipei and Kaohsiung. He gave a master class at Tainan University of the Arts (Tainan City). In 2008, he performed with the NHK Symphony Orchestra Tomo Orchestra, toured Spain in 2010 and 2011, and toured Vietnam in 2013.
He is also active in a wide range of fields other than solo, such as forming a guitar duo with his younger sister Masako Kaku, the Tokyo Guitar Quartet, and ARC with Eiho, who was in charge of the music for the NHK morning drama novel "Teppan". .
He is also actively recording, including "First Impression/Keiji Kaku, Masako Kaku" and "Around the Corner/Kaku Siblings Guitar Duo", as well as solo albums "Mi Corazon" and "Gracia (Record Geijutsu 5, 2008)." 2011 Released the CD "Onsai ~ neiro ~" using the instruments owned by the Guitar Culture Museum.
1991 All Japan Guitar Competition Solo Division 1st place, 1992 4th International Guitar Festival Sendai Competition Solo Division 2nd place 1997 Spanish Music Guitar Competition Winner. Studied under M. Baruco, R. Chester, Masahiro Ojiri, and Kosaku Masuda.