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Kenichi Nakagawa Contemporary Music Concert "Enjoy Ferrari's Piano Music!"

Kenichi Nakagawa Contemporary Music Concert "Enjoy Ferrari's Piano Music!"


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Kenichi Nakagawa Contemporary Music Lecture & Concert

"Enjoy Ferrari's piano music!"

Venue: Aichi Prefectural Arts Theater Small Hall (Aichi Arts Center B1F)

Aichi Prefectural Arts Theater

Kenichi Nakagawa (piano)

Keita Kosaka (Piano)*

Toshinori Terukina (trombone)*

* Only "Didas Curry 2, or 3 characters looking for notes" will appear

Concert: 3,000 yen for adults / 1,500 yen for students (high school students and under 25 years old)
Total set ticket (2 lectures, concert, general only): 4,000 yen
* All elementary and junior high school students are free.
*Please refrain from entering preschool children.

*Please contact us in advance if you are visiting in a wheelchair. Inquiries: Aichi Prefectural Arts Theater 052-971-5511


Luc Ferrari, und so weiter, Und so weiter (1965/66)
In Search of the Lost Rhythm A la Recherche du Rythme Perdu (1978)
Collection de petites pieces ou 36 enfilades pour Piano et Magnetophone(1985)
"Didascalies 2, or Three Characters in Search of Notes"* Didascalies 2 ou Trios personnages en qute de notes(2005)